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Lightroom, Capture One, and Luminar Neo: Which Photo Editing Software Takes the Lead in 2024?

January 23, 2024 – Montpellier, France.
Which software applications attracted photographers the most in 2023 and are therefore leading the way in 2024? In an article published on its website, CYME has analyzed the distribution of sales of its Avalanche software to gain insights into the market. Avalanche enables the conversion of photo catalogs seamlessly from one editing software to another, preserving all modifications. There is an edition of Avalanche for transferring photos to Adobe Lightroom, Capture One, Luminar Neo, and an edition that combines all these exports. By examining the distribution of Avalanche sales, CYME reveals which software applications photographers were most inclined to turn to in 2023.
Best photo editing software of 2023

In 2023, only 4.7% of photographers opted for Luminar Neo, as indicated by Avalanche usage statistics. This represents a decline compared to the percentage of Avalanche buyers for Luminar Neo in 2022. Perhaps because Luminar Neo is no longer perceived as a central software for photo management and editing, but rather solely useful for retouching. Photographers appear to no longer wish to transfer their entire catalog to Skylum’s photo editing software. The emphasis on subscription may have also contributed to this waning interest.

8% of photographers prefer Capture One. Capture One is also losing some momentum, with 8% of photographers choosing the Avalanche version capable of converting their catalog to this professional photo editing software. This marks a decline compared to 2022 and 2021, and the release of Capture One on iPad and new AI features has not halted this trend. Here too, the shift to a single subscription model may have diminished the software’s competitive advantage.

In 2023, 46.8% of photographers turned to Lightroom. This makes 2023 the year of the significant comeback for Lightroom. Indeed, 46.8% of them purchased Avalanche for Lightroom, demonstrating a renewed interest in Adobe’s software. In 2022, CYME did not observe the same level of Avalanche usage for Lightroom, indicating that the innovations introduced in Lightroom 2023 have once again captivated photographers.

A significant 29.7% of photographers remain loyal to no specific software. This is evidenced by the sales distribution of Avalanche Unlimited. This version of Avalanche allows easy transfer of photo catalogs to Lightroom, Luminar Neo, or Capture One, offering photographers the freedom to choose their preferred tools. But the sales share of Avalanche Unlimited decreased in 2023, suggesting that photographers are less indecisive about the primary software to migrate their entire catalog to.

While Lightroom is once again dominant, there is still room for multiple tools in the hearts of photographers. Indeed, our survey among users and testers of Peakto, CYME’s universal cataloger, reveals that photographers, on average, have nearly four different photo editing and management software at their disposal.

The data collected by CYME provides insights into photographers’ preferences for editing software in 2023 and upcoming trends in 2024. For a comprehensive analysis, read the full article on CYME’s website.

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