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Download the best software solutions on macOS to streamline your daily workflow as a professional or amateur photographer.



Photo management software for photographers looking to save time in organizing and viewing their photos.

Available on Mac

Peakto Search

Search plugin that conducts precise searches for photos and videos across all your catalogs, even when offline.

Available on Mac


Photo migration software for creators aiming to transfer photos from one editing software to another.

Available on Mac


Photo search engine app for individuals seeking advanced search features for their Apple Photos library.

Available on Mac, iPad, iPhone & Vision
All our solutions come with a free trial and are available exclusively on macOS.

Frequently asked questions

What is Peakto?

Peakto is a game-changing photo organizer that gathers all your photos in one app. Peakto is like the hub that centralizes all your images, no matter what hard drive they are stored on, the cloud they are saved on or the editing software they have been modified in. Peakto is like a control tower that gives you an always up-to-date and complete view of all your images.

Peakto is a Mac application that you install on your computer. You can connect all your photo libraries to Peakto using a simple drag and drop. Peakto will give you a preview (not a copy!) of each image and let you navigate smartly among them (thanks to filters) without modifying your original files or your organization.

Peakto can regroup your catalogs from Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom & Lightroom Classic, Luminar Neo, Capture One, ON1 Photo RAW, Pixelmator Pro, DxO PhotoLab/PureRAW, FotoMagico, iView Media–and from your Instagram accounts, folders and hard drive.

You can try Peakto for free for a limited period of time. Peakto is available through either monthly or annual subscription, or through a one-time purchase. All purchases are considered final. While you may unsubscribe at any time, any subscribed membership remains payable.

You can activate your Peakto single-user license on up to 2 computers.

A photo manager, also known as a photo management software or application, is a tool designed to help users organize, sort, view, annotate, and manage your digital photographs and image files. Peakto is a universal photo manager, compatible with the most popular photo editing applications. Peakto offers various features and functionalities, including:

Connection and Organization: Peakto seamlessly integrates with various photo sources without duplicating your files. It uses high-definition previews, enabling compatibility with your photo catalogs, offline folders, and even your Instagram accounts. From Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Capture One to Luminar, Apple Photos, ON1 Photo RAW, Pixelmator Pro, DXO PhotoLab and PureRaw, FotoMagico, Peakto offers a unified interface to view and explore your photos from different sources.

Viewing and Automatic Categorization: You can view your photos in a user-friendly interface. Panorama view, grid view, detail view, and map view – Peakto provides versatile perspectives to rediscover your images and appreciate them from fresh angles. The Panorama View offers an automatic classification of photos through image recognition across all photo catalogs and photo editing software. Panorama shows a view of photos by content type, style and color palette.

Search and Filtering: Peakto’s AI technology possesses the remarkable ability to analyze the content of your images. All you need to do is describe the content of the image, and Peakto will scour your collection to find the closest match to your description. You can also search for photos based on criteria like date, location, keywords, and tags, making it easy to find specific images within a large collection.

Tagging and Metadata: Peakto enables you to add tags, keywords, and other metadata to photos, making it easier to search and categorize images, even if the photos are in different locations.

Versioning Detection: Peakto can help identify different versions of a same shot. Peakto automatically regroups different versions of a photo and its master file.

Export: You can export your photos in various formats for different purposes, such as creating photo albums or sharing high-resolution images.

Overall, a photo manager like Peakto is a valuable tool for anyone with a substantial collection of digital photos, as it helps streamline the process of organizing and enjoying their visual memories.

Avalanche is designed to convert catalogs of photographs from one application to another. For example, if you wish to move your pictures that are currently cataloged in Apple Aperture to another app, such as Adobe Lightroom, Avalanche will do exactly that.

Avalanche migrates as much information as possible from the source catalog to the destination: metadata, organization hierarchies such as albums, stacks, groups of albums, etc. But Avalanche goes one step further by attempting to migrate all the adjustments made to images into the destination catalog (geometry adjustments, light, color and development adjustments).

Currently, Avalanche migrates the photographs from your source catalog into a new, initially empty, catalog it creates. When exporting to Lightroom, you can then use the Lightroom catalog merging feature to merge that newly created catalog into your master catalog if you have one.

FindMySnap is an application for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Vision that allows you to find photos by describing them, explore your photos through fun themes, and share your photo selections on social networks.

FindMySnap connects to Apple Photos and uses image recognition to analyze the content of your images. FindMySnap respects your privacy: your photos stay on your device, and image recognition is done locally.

Yes, FindMySnap is capable of finding the images you describe to it. Enter the description of the photo you’re looking for in the search bar, and FindMySnap will suggest the ones that best match. The more details you provide, the better chances FindMySnap has of finding the visual you’re looking for.

Peakto, Avalanche, and FindMySnap were developed for Mac only.

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