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Mac-only Plugin

Instantly reach your thousands of photos and videos

Peakto Search for Lightroom

Peakto Search Plugin for Lightroom - v1.0
Graphic Design for Peakto Search Plugin
Real-time results
Powered by AI
Offline access
Photos and videos
Press talk about us
“Peakto Search is an amazing AI/ML powered tools for searching and organizing your photos in clever and interesting ways.”
“Peakto Search empowers Lightroom users with centralized and intelligent search capabilities across all their catalogs.”
“Peakto Search is a very advanced, yet easy-to-use product, that solves a lot of problems most photographers have.”
“Peakto Search can also scour disconnected catalogs, ensuring continued access to all existing photos.”
“Peakto Search adds that visual dimension to finding images in your libraries, getting you to the photos you want faster.”

Discover a world where your Adobe Lightroom Classic catalogs are effortlessly visible and accessible.

Also available for Capture One


Cross-Catalog Search. Centralized Workflow.

Dive into your photos and videos, whether Lightroom is closed or you’re offline.
Text Prompt Search in Peakto Search Plugin

Search using your own words

Similarity Search Feature in Peakto Search Plugin

Search using your own images

Centralized Search across all Lightroom Catalogs in Peakto Search Plugin

Search across all your catalogs

Metadata Search Feature in Peakto Search Plugin

Search using your own metadata

Privacy Protected in Peakto Search Plugin

Local AI analysis keeps your content private

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Make videos part of your Lightroom workflow

Catalog your videos in Lightroom and let Peakto Search quickly locate them for you.

At your fingertips. Always up-to-date.

Peakto Search is always synchronized and accessible from the menu bar. It lets you search across all your photos and videos, even when Lightroom is closed.

They have adopted Peakto Search

Peakto Search for Lightroom has won over many photographers. You might also like the Peakto Search plugin version for Capture One.


Boost Your Productivity


Get Results in Real-time

With the help of AI, find hidden gems in your Lightroom catalogs and speed up your content creation

Instantly Save Your Searches as Collections

Effortlessly convert your photo and video searches into Lightroom collections for your portfolio, website integration, or editing purposes

Peakto Search Plugin for Lightroom - Save Collections

Discover Peakto Search Capabilities

AI search icon for Peakto Search Plugin

A Search that is “Always On”

Privacy protection icon for Peakto Search Plugin

Privacy protection - local AI analysis

Multi catalogs icon for Peakto Search Plugin

Bulk addition of all your catalogs

Beautiful UI icon in Peakto Search Plugin

Beautiful UI inspired by macOS

Filters and prompt icon for Peakto Search Plugin

Mix and match Filters and Prompt

Collections creation icon for Peakto Search Plugin

Create Collections in one click

Survey mode icon for Peakto Search Plugin

Full support for Survey Mode

Multilingual search icon for Peakto Search Plugin

Multilingual search


Explore Peakto Search in Video

Explore Peakto Search with a short introduction by Matthieu, who will guide you through its key features.
7-day free trial. Try it now.

Frequently asked questions

What is Peakto Search for Lightroom?
Peakto Search is a plugin for Lightroom Classic that allows easy searching for photos or videos by describing them or using an image as a reference. It enables searching across multiple Lightroom catalogs simultaneously and utilizes image recognition to display results.
Once installed, Peakto Search is accessible from the menu bar on your Mac. It can find images or videos in the catalogs you have indexed. Once your catalogs are indexed in Peakto Search, you can search for an image or video even when Lightroom is inactive and without an internet connection. Search results appear instantly in the Peakto Search interface. You can open the image or video in Lightroom by simply clicking on the result. You can also create a Selection in Lightroom based on your search results.
Because Peakto Search is a menu bar app, it is always on and can monitor changes in your catalogs even when Lightroom is not running. Checking for updates is performed on all ingested catalogs every 15minutes and if changes are detected, an incremental update is performed in the background.

You can subscribe to Peakto Search from the CYME website and enjoy a 7-day trial period. During these 7 days, you can unsubscribe at any time. Peakto Search will only be billed at the end of the trial period.

Yes. Our AI analysis is designed with privacy at its core. By conducting all photo and video analysis locally on your device, we eliminate the risk of data transmission and potential interception by third parties. This local processing ensures that your data is not accessible outside your own device.

Peakto Search is only compatible with macOS and does not work on Windows.
Peakto Search is only compatible with Lightroom Classic and cannot index Lightroom Cloud catalogs.
Optimized for macOS Ventura, Peakto Search requires macOS 12 (Monterey) or later. It is compatible with Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3 chips. Peakto Search works with Lightroom Classic starting from version 5.
We are here to answer your questions. For assistance, please refer to the FAQ, submit a ticket, or join the community. All this information is available on the contact page of our website.