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Photo editions and library organization

Photo editions and library organization

Photo editions and library organization are key subjects for photographers.
A few weeks ago we shared the results of our first survey on photographers’ habits regarding the number of their photos, storage solutions, clouds, backup and devices for their photos.

This time we’ll unleash the results of our second survey centered around photo editions and the organization of the libraries.
Cataloging, editing software, photos annotation tools? Let’s describe your strategies!

These and other questions were answered by the subscribers of our CYME Newsletter and LinkedIn photo groups.

Photo editing tools choices…

1. Do you use multiple editing programs or photo libraries?

Lightroom, Capture One, Luminar… In the last few years, good photo editing solutions have multiplied with each of them having their own particularities.
That is to say, they all have their strengths and their weaknesses.

Therefore an overwhelming majority (almost 80%) of photographers use several different editing programs side by side.

photo editions and library organization

…the tango dance of the photographers!

2. Do you have to switch your photos back and forth from one software to another to achieve the results you want?

Nearly 90% (74% sometimes, 15% always) of photographers go back and forth between several software programs to make the most of the particularities of the software for their photos.
What is important is clearly to obtain a perfect result even if it means using several programs.

Let’s talk about your photo organization strategy

photo editions and library organization

3. When do you create a new catalog?

To each his own way of working!
On this question we see a real disparity in the answers.

A third of you restart a new photo catalog per project. But there are also other ways of organizing your photos that are just as valid;
“When the previous catalog has reached a certain size”, “According to dates”, “Never”…
Under the heading “Others” you have suggested the “Private / work” classification.
And almost a quarter of you have only one catalog per program.

Filing your pictures… annotation strategies

photo editions and library organization

4. How do you annotate your photos?

Here again, many ways, many sprits, many methods : tags, ratings, keywords, flags and even various combinations of these…
It seems that there is no one-fits-all solution!
Above all we were particularly surprised by the popularity of keyword-based annotations that will need specific attention on our side in our upcoming cataloging app, PEAKTO.

Tell us in the comments what’s your method?

photo editions and library organization
How do you annotate your photos?
Photo annotation

Are all your photos really accessible…?

photo editions and library organization

5. Would you find it useful to be able to view all your photos from all your software and catalogs in a centralized way without moving or duplicating your files, while keeping the editing in your preferred software?

photo editions and library organization
legend for question about duplication file

6. Would you find it useful to be able to view all the versions of an original photo together, no matter where they are located (catalog, file on disks, instagram…)?

photo editions and library organization
Original photo edited photo
Where find your original photo edited ?

On these two last questions there was no debate : YES!
You want a simpler life as a photographer, whether you are an amateur or a professional.
You want to access in a single place your pictures edited or not, duplicated or not, published on the social networks or not in a single place.

That’s why we’re happy to work on PEAKTO, our new photo management solution design with you and for you!

Let’s explore the subject of photo editions and library organization further together.

Please leave your comments, thoughts and wishes below.
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Credits :

Photos by Dino Reichmuth, Brett Jordan , Drew Beamer, Ryoji Iwata , Thien Kim Nguyen Trinh and Ailbhe Flynn.

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