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Introducing Peakto for macOS

It's time to Enjoy your photos!

With Peakto, explore all your photos in a whole new way


Instant access to your photos... all of them!

Opening Peakto is like opening all your catalogs at once and seeing all your images in ONE app. No matter what editing software you use.

Once referenced in Peakto, all your familiar catalogs can be viewed, searched, filtered…. Peakto lets you easily launch them or even edit a specific image in its original catalog in just one click.


A new point of view on your photos

Discover a new way to navigate through your photos, thanks to the Peakto overview that lets you filter all your images at once.

Unveil your hidden gems and your forgotten photos without cleaning them or changing your work habits! Peakto knows all the metadata that is attached to your images, regardless of their location.

As your underlying catalogs evolve with new photos being added, edited or annotated, Peakto tracks those changes to always reflect the current status of all your photo libraries.


Want to better understand how Peakto works?

Here’s an introduction to Peakto by Matthieu to guide you through its main features.


Reveal unique Instants

In Peakto we introduce Instants. Instants will gather under one roof all the master files and all the modified versions of an original shot. Instants act like a magic wand, allowing you to find all versions of a shot, in all apps, and bring them together instantly, while giving you invaluable insight on the story of your edits.

Peakto screenshot illustrating the best photo organization software

From shutter… to file explosion

At the heart of photography, there was the negative–that unique moment, impossible to reproduce, when the shutter was pressed.

With digital technology, we now process files. Unlike the negative, they are easy to copy, and we frequently duplicate the Masters (consciously or not). We also create multiple versions, sometimes as edits in a Photo Retouching App.

Yet, tracing back the path to that original shot, that “instant” is hard or impossible to locate…

Stay in control

Peakto automatically builds Instants by analyzing the image content and detecting edits of the same shots.

You can also retouch your Instants manually using the merge and split tools in order to keep your shots tidy.


A familiar environment

Easy to use, Peakto does not modify your photo management workflow. Keep using your preferred apps, stick to your ordering habits and everything that works for you. Peakto does not impose any special usage of your familiar software but will adapt itself by mirroring all your original organization structure (collections, folders, annotations) in order to make everything look familiar and right in its place/where it should be.

Peakto, photographies comparison view with Lightroom
Peakto mirrors your organization

Peakto takes care of our photos and our planet

Digital technology produces 3.5% of the world’s greenhouse gases. At CYME we are constantly thinking about ways to combine photography and ecology. By becoming aware of your environmental footprint and encouraging others to do more with less, you are making the world a better place–and one where beautiful scenes and wildlife to photograph will still be accessible for years to come!

We conceived Peakto to access and sort all your photos without requiring any duplication of your master files. Peakto shows you all the versions of your photos so you can easily choose and keep the ones most important to you.

Our ambition: to encourage frugality by keeping the images that make sense, not only for ecological reasons but also to better manage, appreciate and transmit our photos.

Peakto is just the beginning!

We are photo and Mac enthusiasts. We have developed the solution that was missing to find our way through all our pictures, but not only.

This first version of Peakto is the beginning of a journey that will take us much further.

Our ambition: to renew your look on your photos thanks to AI, to invent new ways to share your images and to help you clean up your pictures.

Take part in the adventure by joining our community of prescribers.


Take the Peakto Tour

Want to better understand how Peakto works? Here’s an introduction to Peakto by Matthieu to guide you through its main features.

Play Video about Organize your images with Peakto - Getting start

Native to macOs

Peakto makes you feel totally at home when it comes to running macOS. Through its design, speed and power, it will take advantage of all the benefits that Apple’s technology has to provide. A familiar environment to the one you use to ensure a comfortable start.

Native to macOS photo organizer - Peakto

Frequently Asked Questions

Peakto is a game-changing photo organizer that gathers all your photos in one app. Peakto is like the hub that centralizes all your images, no matter what hard drive they are stored on, the cloud they are saved on or the editing software they have been modified in. Peakto is like a control tower that gives you an always up-to-date and complete view of all your images.

Peakto is a Mac application that you install on your computer. You can connect all your photo libraries to Peakto using a simple drag and drop. Peakto will give you a preview (not a copy!) of each image and let you navigate smartly among them (thanks to filters) without modifying your original files or your organization. 

Peakto can regroup your catalogs from Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom Classic, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One, iView Media–and from your folders and hard drive.

You can try Peakto for free for a limited period of time. Peakto is available through either monthly or annual subscription, or through a one-time purchase.

You then have a trial period to test Peakto:

  • 7-day trial if you order a monthly plan
  • 15-day trial if you order a yearly plan
  • or a 30-day money back guarantee if you order a one-time purchase.

If you cancel within 7/15/30 days of your order (depending on the trial length), you will receive a full refund.

Currently Peakto does not allow you to attach any new data to your images because it is a beta version. But soon after v1.0 release we will gradually introduce all the functions you need to annotate, rate, create keywords…within Peakto.

Currently Peakto gives you access to the structure of your catalogs, but these albums/folders/projects are read-only. You cannot edit them. We are thinking about ways to make this possible in future releases.

The 1.0 release will follow the beta version release in a few months, with additional features. We are proud to present this beta version, which is the fruit of our development for the past 2 years.

You can activate your Peakto single-user license on up to 2 computers.

Peakto requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later and runs fine on Apple M1 chips.

Peakto is compatible with:

Aperture catalogs from version 3.6
Lightroom Classic catalogs from version 5
Luminar catalogs from version 4.2
Luminar AI catalogs from version 1.0
CaptureOne catalogs from version 20
Apple Photos catalogs from version 6 (Big Sur)
iView Media Pro catalogs from version 3


You need around 2Gb of free space, 4GB of memory (8GB recommended) and enough space to accommodate the Peakto library and database files. Peakto files can be located on external drives. A fast (SSD) drive for Peakto files is recommended.

A working copy of the supported apps (Apple Aperture, Lightroom, CaptureOne, iView Media Pro,…) is not required when using Peakto as Peakto opens those libraries natively.
A working copy of the supported apps (Apple Aperture, Lightroom, CaptureOne, Luminar 4/AI, iView Media Pro,…) is not required when using Peakto as Peakto opens those libraries natively.
Peakto Public Beta is not yet compatible with CaptureOne Sessions and Luminar Neo catalogs but this will be added in the v1.0.

No, but you can use Avalanche to convert your catalogs.

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