The pleasure of organizing your photos

With Peakto and Avalanche for macOS

The game-changing photo organizer for Mac

Peakto for mac OS is the control tower that regroups your catalogs  from Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom Classic, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One, Pixelmator Pro, ON1 Photo RAW, DXO PhotoLab and PureRAW, Instagram, iView Media–and from your folders. Without creating extra copies of your images.
Peakto for macOS, the game-changing photo organizer software for photographers
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Peakto for macOS, the game-changing photo organizer software for photographers
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Peakto for macOS, the game-changing photo organizer software for photographers
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The best way to transfer your photo libraries

Transfer your photos from one editing apps to the one you are now using with Avalanche. Each version of Avalanche lets your export your photos to files and folders.
Avalanche for Lightroom
Avalanche for Lightroom

Convert any Aperture, Capture One, Luminar, iView MediaPro, Apple Photos and Google Photos catalog to Lightroom
Avalanche for Capture One
Avalanche for Capture One

Convert any Aperture, Lightroom, Luminar, iView MediaPro, Apple Photos and Google Photos catalog to Capture One
Avalanche, photo migration software
Avalanche Unlimited
Loading One-time purchase
The ultimate, all-inclusive edition
From Aperture, Capture One, Luminar, Lightroom, iView MediaPro, Google Photos, Apple Photos

To Capture One, Luminar, Lightroom and Apple Photos.
More input catalog formats to come without any additional cost​
Avalanche for Luminar
Avalanche for Luminar
Convert any Aperture, Lightroom, Capture One and iView MediaPro, Apple Photos and Google Photos catalog to Luminar 4/AI
Avalanche for Apple Photos
Avalanche for Apple Photos
Convert any Aperture, Lightroom, Luminar, Capture One, iView MediaPro and Google Photos catalog to Apple Photos

Frequently asked questions


With a subscription, you will always get the latest version of Peakto so you are always up to date. You’ll never have to buy an upgrade again.
You can subscribe on a monthly basis or by the year and can cancel at any time.

You can download Peakto for free and test it for 15 days.

After 15 days, you will have to choose between a monthly or annual plan to continue using Peakto. A one-time purchase license is also available.

Your subscription begins once you order. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of the chosen billing period (monthly or yearly). You will receive a pre-billing reminder before each renewal. You authorize us to automatically charge your method of payment at the end of each term until you decide to cancel. Applicable taxes (VAT or GST) may also be incurred each billing period of your subscription until you cancel.

Subscribe using an email address. Once you have received Peakto, you will log in directly in the application to activate your subscription.

To unsubscribe, follow the link “Manage your orders” in your order email.

You will receive a pre-billing reminder before each renewal.

When you purchase the non-subscription license, you’ll get free updates throughout the year with new features added. When the next major version is released in the future (v.2), you can purchase an upgrade or stay with version 2023 for as long as you like.

Per seat means that your license is exclusive for one user only. You can activate your Peakto single-user license on up to 2 computers.


Avalanche is designed to convert catalogs of photographs from one application to another. For example, if you wish to move your pictures that are currently cataloged in Apple Aperture to another app, such as Adobe Lightroom, Avalanche will do exactly that.
Avalanche migrates as much information as possible from the source catalog to the destination: metadata, organization hierarchies such as albums, stacks, groups of albums, etc.
But Avalanche goes one step further by attempting to migrate all the adjustments made to images into the destination catalog (geometry adjustments, light, color and development adjustments).

Currently, Avalanche migrates the photographs from your source catalog into a new, initially empty, catalog it creates. When exporting to Lightroom, you can then use the Lightroom catalog merging feature to merge that newly created catalog into your master catalog if you have one.

Avalanche is available for Lightroom, Luminar or Capture One. Avalanche Unlimited compiles the 3 versions into one. All the versions of Avalanche support the same input sources: Aperture, Lightroom, Luminar 4/AI, exports from Google photo, Aperture or even iView MediaPro.

Avalanche will add support for Luminar Neo both as a source and a destination(in the Avalanche for Luminar/Unlimited versions).

Avalanche for Lightroom, Avalanche for Luminar and Avalanche Unlimited require macOS 10.14 or later and run fine on Catalina.

Avalanche is compatible with:

  • Aperture catalogs from version 3.6
  • Lightroom Classic catalogs from version 5
  • Luminar catalogs from version 4.2


You need around 145 MB of free space, 4GB of memory (8GB recommended) and enough space to accommodate the converted libraries.

A working copy of Apple Aperture or Lightroom is not required to migrate libraries as Avalanche opens those libraries natively.

You can try every variant of Avalanche. The trial version of Avalanche is a fully functional copy of the application, not limited in time, but limited to migrating 100 images and 100 videos.

We are here to answer your questions. To get support, take a look at the FAQ, send us a ticket, or join the community

All the details about the latest Avalanche update are available on our release notes page.