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Affiliate Program

Become partner and empower your community

Success is best when it's shared


Average Commission

Earn up to 15% commission from home, withdrawable in cash on each sale.



Any purchase made within 90 days of the click will be counted.


Countries and Regions

Sell to friends/followers in over 115 countries and regions worldwide.

For whom are our software solutions designed?

100% of amateur and professional photographers who own a camera will be interested in our solutions.

Anyone who has a smartphone or photo files containing thousands of images will also be excited.

What are the benefits for your community?


A better view of photos–thanks to AI and Peakto’s innovative navigation–will leave more room for creativity and exploration.


Carefully designed to look and run perfectly on macOS. The speed and power of our software solutions enable photographers to take advantage of all the benefits Apple technology has to provide.


Peakto and Avalanche are highly compatible with Lightroom, Capture One, Luminar, Aperture, Apple Photos and more… Photographers are no longer locked into a single solution.


Subscription or single purchase– the choice is entirely up to the photographer.

How to be successful in the affiliate program


Talk about our software on your own site or blog and include your affiliate link to offer solutions to your friends/followers (while making money!).


Make an entertaining video for your friends/followers on YouTube explaining the unique features of our software and how you use it on a daily basis (and, of course, include your link).


Participate in our community space and our social networks to share your experiences with the software and give inspiration to other passionate photographers.

Earn money every month

Familiarize yourself with our software by trying it out and signing up for the affiliate program. You can earn money every month from home with your affiliate link.

Your earnings will depend on the number of sales you make and the size of your community. Here are some rough estimates of what this program can earn you.

Make 10 sales of the Peakto license, earn $280.

For 50 sales of the Peakto license, earn $1400.

And for 200 sales of the Peakto license, earn $5600.

How to join the affiliate program



Familiarize yourself with our software by trying it out and signing up for the program.



Create content and share it to your community with your affiliate link.



Take advantage of your generated revenue and track your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the CYME Affiliate Program if you want to recommend CYME’s software and be rewarded with a percentage of the sales to which you contribute.

CYME Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, and webinars. Joining the program gives you and your business a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue opportunities.

CYME has developed two products, Peakto and Avalanche, designed to serve the community of photographers, both amateurs and professionals.

Peakto is a game-changing photo organizer that gathers all your photos in the same app and lets you explore them in a whole new way.

Avalanche is the most secure and safe way to transfer your photo catalogs from one editing software to another, without losing edits or changing your organization.

Nope! Signing up and participating as a CYME affiliate is completely free.

Every influencer, blogger or journalist who addresses photographers, Mac or tech communities and wants to recommend Peakto or Avalanche to them.

The CYME affiliate program is not made for coupon sites that specialize in non-editorial promotion.

For more details, check on our terms of use for affiliates.

When you become a CYME affiliate, you will receive a commission for sending sales to CYME. For every purchase of CYME software made by a person who follows the CYME link from your website, you will receive a percentage of the sale.

Create an account here and apply to become one of our CYME affiliates. CYME will review and validate your participation. You will be notified by email if your account is approved or not.

As an affiliate, you will get a unique link (an “affiliate link”) from which clicks can be tracked — using cookies. The cookie then tracks the user to see if they do make a purchase. If they do make a purchase within a specified amount of time, then the affiliate will earn a commission.

Use your affiliate links to promote CYME’s software via blog articles, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital content.

Each month, you will receive the total amount of money corresponding to the percentage of each sale you have generated (if your sales reach the minimum amount of $100).

You can choose to be paid by PayPal or wire transfer.

Log in to the CYME affiliate platform. On the right-hand part of the Affiliate Home, you will find the section “Standard Linking Code” containing your affiliate link.

Any visitor who clicks on this link on your website and buys one of CYME’s software will be registered, and you will receive a commission for each sale.

You will receive a 15 % commission rate on each sale you help to generate. Receive the total amount of sales you have contributed each month, if it reaches the minimum amount of $100.

If you are not based in Europe, be aware that there will be an additional cost of $11 for processing fees.

If you are using a Paypal account, please note that Paypal charges a 2% processing fee capped at $35.00.

You will be paid when you have reached the minimum amount of $100. Payment is made monthly. You will be paid according to the banking information you have entered on the Impact platform.

You can follow the number of sales you have contributed by logging in on CYME’s affiliate platform by clicking here.

You will receive your commission after the trial period ends, once a customer can’t ask for a refund anymore. 

Peakto offers a 15-day trial period for free.

There is no trial period for Avalanche, but a trial version limited to migrating 100 images and 100 videos.