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We have a clear objective

Build Smart, Efficient, and Powerful Solutions for Photographers

CYME aims to develop AI-powered photo software that streamlines photographers’ workflows without adding any extra tasks…

Challenges of Navigating and Organizing Photos

Attempting to navigate through our own photos, scattered across drives, folders or platforms like Lightroom, Aperture, Capture One, DxO, ON1 or Luminar, as well as various Photos Libraries like Apple Photos, Instagram, Flickr and more, we must acknowledge that, even today, this remains an insurmountable challenge. Photos continue to be managed as mere files, lacking meaningful organization.

"Our mission is to help photographers manage their images efficiently and save time."

Our Journey Built with the Best Community

The launch of Avalanche marked merely the beginning of an ambitious journey granting photographers the freedom to transfer their photo catalogs between software without the fear of losing their editing work.

Peakto is devoted to providing photographers with advanced tools for organizing and exploring their photographs in unprecedented ways. Integrated with all your software, files, hard drives, Apple Photos, Instagram, and much more, ensuring that no photo ever slips through your fingers again.

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