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A few weeks ago we launched a survey with you through two communities of photographers. No more clichés and myths! Let’s talk about your reality as a passionate, professional or amateur photographer in 2021!

From which camera do you take pictures…how many, with which software do you edit them, how do you store them…?

These and other questions were answered by the subscribers of the LinkedIn photo groups and by our subscribers to the CYME Newsletter.

Here are the results, as promised.

two photographers taking pictures with cameras
A photographer using cameras

Two hands, two eyes, many ways to take pictures!

1. What device do you use to take photos?

On this question, no big surprise: the smartphone now has a prominent place. More than two-thirds of you draw it as a complement to your traditional camera.

CYME Newsletter photographers materials matter
Answer from the CYME community
Devices matter
Devices matter
Linkedin photographers materials matter
Answer from Linkedin photo groups members

Easy trigger!

2. Do you know how many photos you have in your libraries?

The average number of photos taken by Internet users
Number of photos Linkedin photographers
Answer from LinkedIn photo groups members
Number of photos newsletter photographers
Answer from the CYME community

Your photo library has more than 25,000 photos for half of you who are members of a LinkedIn photo group and 85% of the CYME community.

Nearly 15% of you have more than 250,000 photos…

How many photos per day in a lifetime?

Comparison between apple and microsoft

Is Windows or Mac better for photo editing?

3. On what platform do you edit your photos?

To this more-than-20-year-old debate your answers seem to give reason to the 50/50 split that we commonly hear….

But not for our CYME subscribers, with 85% on Mac!

The fact that we develop our solutions exclusively for the Mac is probably not the only reason.

Debate on plateform used by linkedin photographers
Answer from Linkedin photo groups members
Plateforms preferences on photography matter
Plateforms preferences on photography matter
Number of photos newsletter readers photographers
Answer from the CYME community

The 3-2-1 backup rule…

4. What solutions do you use to store and manage your photos?

Storage image newsletter
CYME Newsletter Readers
image storage ang photography
Storage image linkedin
LinkedIn Photo Groups Members

Judging by the results of the “Where do you store your photos” question, almost half of you probably follow the most common backup tips to avoid disaster if one of your devices fails:

1. Have at least 3 copies of your data
2. Keep the copies on 2 different media
3. Store 1 copy off site

Do you respect these recommendations or have you found other ways to guarantee the security of your photos?

Photo of a cloud by a photographer

Which is the best Cloud Storage Service?

5. Where do you store your photos?

Judging by your usage, iCloud and Google Photos are at the top, with Google Photo leading the LinkedIn cohort and iCloud for CYME users.

Dropbox, the historical player, is holding its own with almost 40% of users.

Is the near disappearance of Flickr in this table a surprise for you?

Cloud solution used by photographers reading the newsletter
Answer from the CYME community
All the cloud available for photographers
All the cloud available for photographers
Cloud solution used by linkedin photographers
Answer from Linkedin photo groups members

Which Cataloging solution is best for photos?

6. What software do you use ?

Adobe is omnipresent with Lightroom and Photoshop, but for CYME users, there is great eclecticism with the use of multiple softwares (3 on average per user)! It is not surprising that Avalanche, the only tool allowing migration of photos from one software to another, has found favor in their eyes.

Photographers and their storage solution
CYME Newsletter Readers
Storage and photography possibilty
Photographers and their storage preferences
LinkedIn Photo Groups Members

Are you really efficient in organizing your thousands of digital photos?

7. How long does it take you to find your pictures?

This question brought quite impressive results!

40% of you can find any photo in your libraries in less than 30 seconds and an extra 40% if we extend the research time to 2 hours…

For those who have more than 250K images, this is superheroes’ performance!

Photographers and time spending searching
Answer from the CYME community
Organization and time waste
Organization and time waste
Photographers and time wasting in finding
Answer from Linkedin photo groups members

You’ve got me really intrigued, and I’d love to learn more about your organization…

How do you actually organize your library–or should I say, libraries?
Is it easy to see all your photos?

Let’s explore the subject further together.

Take the next survey here and tell us more about your organization ideas and strategies!

Photo credits: Edmonton Photographer, Ingmar, Jakala Toney and Elien Decommer.


Find a simple way to sort and organize your entire image library.

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