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Peakto enhances compatibility with Capture One

The CYME team is proud to release an update to our meta-cataloger, Peakto. With Peakto version 1.7.5, we have significantly enhanced its compatibility with Capture One, the leading photo editing software. Peakto for macOS solidifies its role as the perfect companion to Capture One, empowering you to efficiently manage thousands of images across various catalogs without duplicating them.

Managing a vast collection of photos scattered across multiple catalogs, folders, and software programs can be a challenge for photographers. That’s why Peakto serves as the ultimate control tower, enabling you to effortlessly view all your photos in one centralized location. By integrating with various photo editing programs, including the renowned Capture One, Peakto has become an indispensable tool for photographers seeking a comprehensive solution to their photo management needs.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency for Capture One Users

So, what’s new in Peakto 1.7.5? This update introduces several important changes specifically tailored for Capture One users, with a particular focus on preview quality. We are eagerly looking forward to receiving your feedback on these enhancements as we continuously strive to refine and optimize our software based on your preferences and requirements.

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Enhanced previews

One of the major improvements we have made in Peakto 1.7.5 is the Capture One images quality. When an image remained unedited, we now rely on the most suitable preview available within the Master file. This involved utilizing either the file itself if it isn’t a RAW format or an embedded preview within the RAW file, if accessible. By leveraging these alternative preview sources, we ensure a smooth, high-quality viewing experience for photographers.

Keeping track of image modifications

For images that have been edited in Capture One, we encountered a unique challenge. As the edits made within Capture One do not grant us direct access to the high-resolution preview, we have devised an innovative solution. When an edited image is selected, Peakto displays the original Master, providing users with a high-resolution representation of the unedited photo. Simultaneously, a preview of the edited version is presented in a small floating window positioned above the main preview. You can now view the original image in full resolution, as well as the edited version in a smaller window.

By incorporating this intelligent handling of edited images, Peakto enables you to seamlessly navigate between your original master files while accessing modified version. This feature ensures a comprehensive and holistic view of each image, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your editing and cataloging processes.

New Features to Streamline Workflow Efficiency

Mass Annotation for Efficient Organization

In version 1.7.5, Peakto introduces an exciting new feature that empowers you to streamline your photo organization. Now, you can select multiple images and assign flags, notes, keywords, colors, and other annotations to all of them simultaneously. This mass annotation capability saves valuable time and effort.

Improving Instants

Another notable improvement in Peakto 1.7.5 is the ability to designate a “Poster” photo for Instants. What are Instants? Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Peakto intelligently groups different versions of the same photo, creating an “Instants” view. With this feature, you can easily locate the original version or compare various editions of the same image, regardless of the software used for editing. While browsing through your photo collection, you have the option to view all versions of your photos or group them by Instants, with the ability to select a main image to represent each Instant.


Peakto 1.7.5 with improved compatibility for Capture One is available now. You can take advantage of this update to elevate their photo management capabilities and experience the full potential of seamless integration between Peakto and Capture One. The other advancements in photo annotation and improved Instants make Peakto even more efficient and relevant for managing your photo collections.
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