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CYME Unveils the Peakto Search Plugin Version for Capture One Pro

May 2nd, 2024 – Montpellier, France.

After Peakto Search for Lightroom, CYME unveils the version of this plugin for Capture One Pro (for Mac only). With Peakto Search for Capture One Pro, Capture One users will benefit from the same innovative functions and interactions as Lightroom users.

Utilizing AI, Peakto Search for Capture One Pro allows users to find any photos OR videos, based on a simple description or image. Capable of searching across multiple Catalogs and Sessions, Peakto Search is always at hand in the menu bar and operates even when Capture One Pro is closed. It instantly reveals results and enables users to open photos and videos directly in Capture One Pro. Innovative, the plugin features a video player (preview) and allows users to locate precise sequences within a video.

Peakto Search for Capture One - Press 01

Putting AI at the service of photographers
Peakto Search for Capture One Pro functions as an intelligent search engine. With just a simple description or image-based query, the plugin effortlessly retrieves corresponding photos or videos. No annotations or knowledge of storage locations are required; Peakto Search’s advanced AI swiftly locates content, even pinpointing specific segments within lengthy videos.

Cross-catalog search. Identification of video segments.
Capture One Pro confines the ability to search for content to a Catalog or Session. Peakto Search extends this limit by offering a search that can be conducted across multiple Catalogs and Sessions simultaneously. Search results appear in real-time through previews of photos and videos. The video player preview available in the plugin highlights the segments in the video that exactly match the query or reference image.

Always at your fingertips and lightning-fast
Peakto Search stands out as a uniquely designed plugin. Nestled in the Mac menu bar, it remains effortlessly accessible, even when Capture One Pro is closed, ensuring it serves as a reliable guide through your content. Seamlessly integrated with the editing software, it facilitates the opening of multiple photos and videos in Capture One Pro directly from the search results. Moreover, it boasts the capability to create Selections within Capture One Pro with ease.

Multilingual and privacy-conscious
Peakto Search enables searching in multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian) and respects privacy by analyzing assets locally.

In a world where the volume of photos and videos we store is rapidly increasing, and the creation of new content holds immense importance, the ability to swiftly rediscover and explore our creations is paramount for photographers. This is where Peakto Search for Capture One Pro becomes indispensable, providing the essential tool for efficiently navigating through vast collections of visual content.

Price and availability

Peakto Search is on sale on the CYME website, complete with a complimentary 7-day trial period exclusive to subscribers:

  •  2-year subscription for $89
  • Annual subscription for $65
  • Monthly subscription for $9 per month
  • Unlimited license for $129

System Requirements​

Optimized for macOS Ventura, Peakto Search requires macOS 12 (Monterrey) or later and can fully leverage Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3 chips. Peakto Search is compatible with Capture One Pro from version 20.

About CYME

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Claudia Zimmer, Matthieu Kopp and Thomas Ribreau, CYME’s mission is to deploy innovative features that will both serve the photography community and help protect our planet. We promote digital sobriety by retaining only our best images.

About CYME’s products

Avalanche facilitates seamless photo transfers between different editing software without compromising applied edits.

Peakto serves as a universal cataloger, organizing all photos, regardless of their format or location.

The mobile app FindMySnap connects to Apple Photos, simplifying image retrieval and theme-based organization.

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