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Manage all your photos with powerful tools

We have created Peakto to empower photographers with the freedom they deserve. Now you can choose the editing software you want, effortlessly manage photos stored in various locations, and seamlessly bring together images created with different tools. Peakto is designed to be an excellent companion to your photo editing apps and to serve as the starting point for your photo workflow. Here are three main features that help you streamline all your photos through Peakto.

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The smart cataloger companion for your photo editing apps

Feel free to use the photo editing software of your choice while maintaining complete visibility and powerful management capabilities with Peakto. Whether you’re looking for a photo organizer to enhance your editing software or a universal solution to gather all your images from different editing software, Peakto has you covered.Peakto brings essential organizational features, such as AI-driven automatic categorization, annotations, diverse display options, and multi-source albums, to editing software that may lack them. It becomes the perfect cataloging companion for your editing software. Specifically, Peakto integrates closely with Pixelmator Pro, DXO PhotoLab, and DXO PureRaw.

Peakto: The smart cataloger companion for Pixelmator Pro

Peakto is intricately connected to Pixelmator Pro, becoming the ideal cataloging companion. It provides native listings of all Pixelmator Pro (PXD) documents and displays them at the highest resolution possible, eliminating the need to duplicate or open Pixelmator Pro separately.

With Peakto, Pixelmator Pro becomes an editing destination for all your images, regardless of their location—be it in folders, Lightroom, Luminar, or even CaptureOne. This integration ensures pixel-perfect editing from any source image.

Moreover, Peakto offers graphic designers and photo enthusiasts a comprehensive overview of all their images, equipped with the necessary tools to manage, analyze, automatically sort, and create multi-sourced albums. It doesn’t matter if the images were captured with a camera, an iPhone, imported, or created with Pixelmator Pro.

Peakto: The universal cataloger deeply integrated with DXO PhotoLab

With Peakto, you gain visual access to all versions of your images created with DXO PhotoLab and have the ability to generate new DXO PhotoLab versions from any image.Seamless editing across PhotoLab, Lightroom, Capture One Pro, and even Apple Photos is made possible through a dedicated workspace within Peakto.Peakto introduces exclusive cataloging features for DXO PhotoLab users, including AI-powered automatic categorization and annotations, a visually appealing map view, smart albums, and multi-source collections.

Efficient management of RAW files with Peakto and DXO PureRAW

One of the most significant challenges in managing large photo collections is the task of assigning keywords to each image manually. With Peakto’s automatic keywording capabilities, this time-consuming process is alleviated. The AI technology can recognize the content within your photos and assign relevant keywords accordingly. For example, if your photo contains a bird, Peakto will identify it and assign the appropriate keyword. These keywords prove immensely useful when searching for specific images within your collection, saving you time and effort.

Maintain control over all your photos through a unified interface

Thanks to its exceptional compatibility, Peakto serves two important roles. First, it reflects the information associated with an image, even if that information originates from different software. Second, Peakto allows you to annotate thousands of images from various photo editing software and folders directly within its own interface.

Annotation and structure from other software reflected in Peakto

Peakto retrieves annotations from connected catalogs, including Apple Photos’ Faces, Lightroom’s Color Tags, and Capture One’s Favorites. This means you can find your preferred organization and the information you use to locate your photos all within one interface. Peakto also mirrors your original organization and structure, such as collections and folders, while providing you with a comprehensive overview of all your photos.

Cross annotation in Peakto

Acting as a meta-cataloger, Peakto enables effortless annotation of a large number of photos at once. Instead of searching for each individual image, Peakto becomes the central hub that brings all your photos together. With the grid view and convenient keyboard shortcuts, you can swiftly navigate from one image to another and easily assign stars, colors, favorites, or validation/rejection flags, regardless of the folder where the photos are stored or the software in which they were edited. This borderless annotation capability complements Peakto’s automatic AI annotation feature, which seamlessly assigns keywords and categories to images.

Annotate in other software with the help of Peakto

Effortlessly exchange annotations using XMP sidecars with tools like Adobe Bridge and DXO PhotoLab. By activating the roundtrip via XMP, you can use Peakto to add annotations to files and see those annotations propagate to other tools that utilize XMP data.

Expand your creative horizons: Crafting albums and smart albums from multiple sources

Peakto unleashes your creative horizons by gathering photos from different folders and editing apps in one place, allowing you to combine these diverse images into albums. When creating new collections, you can receive support from Peakto’s AI. Additionally, you can easily export these selections to clients, colleagues, friends, or family.

Creating multi-source albums

Within Peakto, you can navigate visual catalogs and organize your pictures into albums, even if the images are located in different locations. You can manually add images to explicit albums through drag and drop. With the comprehensive overview provided by Peakto, your selection can encompass all your photo libraries. Furthermore, you can meticulously manage these albums by creating sub-folders.You can also convert a selection created in Panorama into an album. Panorama automatically sorts your photos by analyzing their content. For example, if you are pleased with the portrait selection automatically generated by Peakto, you can save it as an album for exporting to a website or sharing elsewhere.Another option is to create Smart Albums, which are defined by a set of rules and dynamically update their content. You can automatically generate smart albums based on complex criteria, such as date, location, or content.

Effortless export of full-resolution albums

Save time by exporting your images in batch with full resolution. After easily creating albums by selecting your best images from multiple sources, you can export them in high or low resolution. Your selection can include images from various sources, regardless of their formats or locations. All metadata, including author, copyright, location, date, keywords, and more, will be preserved when exporting your photos.

In Conclusion: Peakto is your universal photo manager

Peakto offers powerful tools for managing and organizing your photos, providing photographers with the freedom to use their preferred editing software, manage photos from different locations, and bring together images created with various tools. With seamless integration, comprehensive annotation features, multi-source album creation, and efficient exporting options, Peakto revolutionizes photo management, empowering photographers to expand their creative horizons. It’s the ultimate companion for a streamlined and enhanced photo workflow.
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