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“Salon de la Photo” in Paris and the Evolving Landscape of Photography

The world of photography is in a continuing transition. As traditional photo shows decline in popularity, the digital wave is surging ahead. Now, speaking of noteworthy events, we have the “Salon de la Photo” taking center stage. Happening this week in Paris, it’s a big event for photography enthusiasts. Notably, it stands out as the largest pop-up photo/video studio in the city. Catering to photographers, videographers, and content creators, it offers a platform to showcase talent, draw inspiration, and promote learning. 

As we explore this, we’ll also touch upon the challenges today’s photographers encounter and shed light on the emerging trends that are setting the stage for the future.

Photography exhibitions crisis

As the Paris “Salon de la Photo” gears up for this year’s edition, it’s clear that not all photography-focused events have managed to keep their footing. Consider Photokina, for instance. This major event, a beacon for photography since 1950, has unfortunately shut its doors. This is particularly surprising when you see other art forms weathering the storm, even amid economic downturns and the challenges of COVID-19.

Photokina was truly a highlight in the photography world. It showcased everything from the latest gadgets to new techniques, drawing both seasoned professionals and hobbyists. Yet, after a solid run of 70 years, it came to an end, with the pandemic playing a significant role. However, it’s crucial to note that the signs of struggle appeared even before COVID-19 made its mark. By the time 2020 rolled around, the decline was evident, and not just for Photokina. Many revered photo galleries worldwide are also facing challenges, with some closing their doors for good.

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There’s a noticeable shift in how people engage with photography. Some argue that photo exhibitions have become somewhat repetitive, hinting at deeper issues in their appeal. Furthermore, the newer generation of photographers seems more inclined to showcase their pieces on digital platforms like Instagram, moving away from traditional gallery spaces.

Another factor that can’t be overlooked is the rising prominence of videography. With advancements in technology, capturing high-quality videos has become more straightforward, drawing many into its fold and, in some ways, overshadowing traditional photography.

To add to this, there’s been a staggering drop in camera sales over the past decade, plummeting by 93%. This data, provided by CIPA  (Japan’s Camera & Imaging Products Association), underscores the profound changes occurring in the global photography scene.

The evolving landscape of “Salon de la photo”

This year’s “Salon de la photo” certainly feels different. Big players like CEWE have taken a step back, and notably, Whitewall and Hahnemühle are absent too. When you add it up, there’s a distinct change in the atmosphere.

Not only that, but some of the industry’s leading photography magazines have decided to skip this year’s edition, further emphasizing the shift. It raises the question: what’s happening in the background?

Digging deeper, a trend emerges. A lot of companies, ranging from photo printers to photo editors, are making a beeline for the digital realm. Brands such as Adobe, Skylum, and CYME for instance, are now channeling their energies towards platforms like social media, YouTube, and webinars. It’s clear they’re trying to resonate with photographers and enthusiasts in spaces where they’re most active.

Moreover, while traditional training hubs remain intact, the online landscape is bustling with new opportunities. There’s a burgeoning wave of online courses and communities that seamlessly blend user-friendly access with innovative learning experiences. Curious? Our online platform offers a glimpse into this dynamic space.

Photography is changing big time. It’s not just about new gadgets, but how we learn and connect with others. Simply put, the future is going digital.

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Newcomers to the “Salon de la photo”

The photography industry hasn’t escaped the digital revolution and the rise of social media. Today, integrating influencers and content creators into the Salon de la Photo adds invaluable value. New figures like Bruno Maltor, Olivier Schmitt, Pile et Face, Béatrice The Quirky, and the French Wanderers or JC Pieri bring a fresh and authentic touch to the event, allowing visitors to dive into their creative worlds.

Direct interaction with these influencers gives photography enthusiasts a unique chance to learn, share, and be inspired, creating a personal connection with content creators. The Salon de la Photo thus becomes a meeting point between the technical knowledge of traditional photographers and the innovative creativity of influencers, fostering a rich exchange that goes beyond the boundaries of photographic art.

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Bruno Maltor - Content Creator

The dynamic evolution of modern photography

Photography is undergoing a rapid evolution. With the rise of phones and drones, capturing candid, authentic moments has become the new norm. This shift isn’t just about tools; it’s about approach. As many traditional methods fall by the wayside, a new generation of self-taught photographers emerges. They aren’t just content to click and edit; they’re leveraging social media platforms for both showcasing and networking.

But there’s another layer to this evolution. Many of today’s photographers are intertwining their art with pressing global issues. Through compelling visuals, they highlight the beauty of our planet and the stark realities of climate change, fostering a deeper public understanding of these critical matters.

And it doesn’t end with the artists. On the business side, the game is changing too. As we journey further into the tech era, companies are either adapting or emerging with a strong focus on the latest innovations. Features like cloud storage, AI-driven photography tools, and advanced devices are streamlining the photography process. It’s clear that the industry is at an exciting crossroads, merging tradition with modern innovation in a seamless dance.


Photography is like a rollercoaster; it has its highs and lows. At the “Salon de la Photo,” this evolution is on full display, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Today’s generation is diving into photography with unmatched enthusiasm. Not only are they capturing moments, but they’re also creating stories through videos. With the rise of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, their work gets a spotlight like never before. This seamless transition from clicking to sharing amplifies their creativity to a global stage.

In essence, the ongoing fusion of old and new techniques is paving the way for a dynamic future in photography. Events like the Salon de la Photo show that the art of photography is evolving in exciting ways.

Based on your knowledge and geographical location, which photography exhibitions do you enjoy the most? Come and share your opinion with other photographers!

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