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Improving Compatibility with Apple Photos

We are excited to bring you the latest updates and improvements to Peakto, your go-to photo management tool. In this version, we have focused on enhancing the compatibility between Peakto and Apple Photos, ensuring a seamless experience for macOS users. Let’s dive into the details!

Improved Detection of Changes in Apple Photos on Ventura

We understand the importance of accurately detecting changes in your Apple Photos library. With our latest update, we have significantly improved the detection process on Ventura (macOS 13). Not only is it faster, but it is also more precise, especially when it comes to identifying deletions. You can now rely on Peakto to keep track of changes in your Apple Photos library more effectively.

Improved Compatibility with Apple Photos

Enhanced Navigation and Zooming in Map View

Getting a comprehensive view of your images on the map has never been easier. We have added a convenient status bar button that allows you to seamlessly transition from the image grid to the map view, precisely zoomed in on the location of your choice. Whether you want to explore your photos by location or relive your travel memories, Peakto provides a seamless navigation experience.

Optimized Interaction with DXO and Multiple Versions

For our users who utilize DXO, we have improved the way Peakto handles the interaction with DXO when multiple versions are installed. Now you can enjoy a smoother workflow and better integration between Peakto and DXO.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

We strive to deliver a bug-free experience, and our team has been hard at work to address various issues. Here are some of the notable fixes and performance improvements:

  • Smart albums now work as expected when using keywords with OR/AND/NOT operators, resolving an issue that affected the conditions involving multiple keywords with the same name.
  • Dealing with multiple selections is now significantly faster, eliminating any slowdowns you may have experienced in the past.
  • Faces coming from Apple Photos are now handled correctly, ensuring that duplicate face names are not referenced and empty face names are no longer present.
  • We have also made performance improvements in specific areas of Peakto, resulting in a smoother and more efficient overall experience.
  • Additionally, various smaller bugs have been fixed to enhance the stability and reliability of Peakto.

At CYME, we are committed to providing the best photo management experience, and we value your feedback. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features coming soon. Thank you for choosing Peakto as your trusted companion for organizing and cherishing your precious photos!

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