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Are photographers truly conservative when it comes to new technologies?

January 29, 2024 – Montpellier, France.

In a rapidly changing world where technology is driving innovation in every industry, photographers have been perceived as resistant to change, clinging to their established workflows and methods. But is this perception accurate, or is there a paradigm shift happening within the photography community? To shed light on photographers’ tech adoption habits, CYME, a photo software publisher, analyzed data from Peakto, its universal photo cataloger compatible with various photo editing software on Mac.

What Do Peakto's Data Tell Us About Photographer Preferences?

The results are surprising, with 91% of Peakto users seamlessly upgrading to the latest macOS versions (13 and 14). Even more astonishing, 71% of these users have already adopted the latest macOS Sonoma 14, introduced in September 2023.

But are these figures representative, or do they hint at a selection bias? Peakto, as an innovative Mac software, naturally attracts forward-thinking photographers who embrace technological novelties. Before drawing conclusions, let’s see what the additional data from Avalanche can tell us about the photographers’ adoption of the latest technologies.

Tech evolution photo: data about macOS adoption rate among photographers and Peakto users

Does the data from Avalanche confirm the trend?

Avalanche, another software by CYME, serves as a bridge for photographers looking to transfer their photos from one editing software to another without losing their painstakingly crafted modifications. It facilitates the migration of images from legacy software like Aperture and iViewMedia, the Apple classics, to modern photo editing tools such as Lightroom, Luminar Neo, or Capture One.

Among Avalanche users, a different group emerges—those inclined to preserve their tried-and-true workflows. Approximately 24% of them still use macOS 12, 11, or even 10. However, a significant 76% have embraced macOS 13 or 14. This figure confirms the trend observed among Peakto users.

Tech evolution photo: data about macOS adoption rate among photographers and Avalanche users


Have photographers become more pioneering? The adoption of Apple’s latest operating systems may be linked to the acquisition of newer hardware, driven by the significant performance gap between Intel and Apple Silicon processors. This has led photographers to invest in modern devices running macOS 14. In 2023, we witnessed photographers demonstrating a strong appetite for innovation, eagerly harnessing the power of technology and new equipment to unlock new horizons for their creativity. Besides the adoption of macOS 14, we have observed a renewed attraction to Lightroom among CYME users following the innovations introduced in 2023, as detailed in this article. The stereotype of traditionalist photographers may gradually fade into the past.

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