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10 free photo podcasts not to be missed

On the occasion of World Podcast Day, let’s dive into the fascinating world of photo podcasts (free podcast). These have multiplied to offer image enthusiasts a new way to explore this visual art. These podcasts, often hosted by renowned photographers such as Bill Wadman or Nikki Closser, reveal the creative processes, inspirations and techniques of image professionals, allowing listeners to sharpen their eyes and perfect their photography skills. Discvoer 10 free photo podcasts not to be missed.

In this free podcast, Jeff Carlson et Kirk McElhearn explore the world of photography and the Apple ecosystem. The two photographers discuss using the iPhone and other cameras equipped with Apple technology and software, and invite photographers to share and discuss their work.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 02

Martin Bailey Photography’s free podcast offers education and inspiration covering a variety of artistic, creative and technical topics, including interviews, gear reviews and narrative travel episodes.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 03

Where photography meets technology. Check out weekly episodes, photography tips, gear reviews, and more. Author and professional photographer Derrick Story, shares his thoughts, experiences and perspectives with you.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 04

Raymond Hatfield is a renowned Indianapolis wedding photographer. Through his professional experience, he brings a wealth of information about photography.

In addition to interviews with various photographers, the podcast will allow you to absorb information effectively, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge. By combining these insightful interviews with informative content, the podcast provides a comprehensive learning experience for beginning photographers.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 05

Ben Hartley (self-taught wedding photographer) shares his ideas in this free podcast and gives access to all the podcast show notes. From time to time, guests are invited to discuss and share their diverse experiences. It is regarded as one of the most insightful photography podcasts, particularly when it comes to the business side of photography.

You can also find him on YouTube in the field of photography.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 06

The Candid Frame is aimed specifically at portrait photographers. In this free podcast, Ibarionex Perello (former Nikon technical engineer and deputy magazine editor) introduces and talks to other photographers, mixing his research and findings with photographers’ voices and stories.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 07

On Taking Pictures is a free weekly podcast about photography. It’s brought to you by Jeffery Saddoris (photography trainer and writer) and Bill Wadman (portrait photographer). Together, they discuss the art, science and philosophy of photography.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 08

Nikki Closser (American portrait photographer), shares in this free podcast the stories of photographers from around the world through interviews with famous and successful portrait photographers. The episodes offer excellent advice on how to create and run a successful portrait photography business.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 09

FroKnowsPhoto is the work of Jared Polin, one of the best photographers for educational content. His free photography podcast covers all areas and aims to help listeners get better at photography. Whether it’s business, life or the state of the world, he’s got it covered.

10 free photo podcasts not to be missed 10

Booray Perry and Gary Hughes bring you a free podcast that’s both funny and educational about photography.

Booray and Gary discuss the latest in photography and even include listener questions in their episodes. Photobomb is a great way to learn about photography in a fun way.

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