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Gain speed with the new Peakto 1.10

We are excited to introduce Peakto 1.10, a substantial update that doubles the speed of the software and completely overhauls its architecture. Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, you will discover an improved user experience, precisely meeting your most sophisticated photo management needs.

Discover a more powerful, faster Peakto

Peakto connects to your photos twice as fast

The 1.10 version of Peakto marks a turning point in photo processing efficiency. With this update, users benefit from a significant improvement in performance, as evidenced by the software’s ability to manage a catalog of 12,000 photos in just 4 minutes and 30 seconds, half the time than the previous 9 minutes and 30 seconds. This version is optimized to process even larger catalogs, exceeding 100,000 photos, with remarkable efficiency.

Don't wait any longer: Peakto launches from the first images

One of the major strengths of Peakto 1.10 is its ability to provide immediate access to images upon starting the software, allowing users to navigate their catalog in just a few seconds, without waiting for the entire catalog to load. This innovation ensures a smooth and uninterrupted user experience, significantly simplifying and speeding up photo management.

More efficient on Intel Macs

We introduce new options to control the resources used by Peakto, but more importantly, we have completely revised the engine that distributes tasks in the system. For the Intel user in particular, this should translate into a much smoother experience. Although the application works perfectly on the latest Apple chips, CYME has achieved with this version the goal of making Peakto very responsive on Intel Macs, even when processing large volumes of data.

An Improved User Experience

Peakto 1.10 also includes improvements such as new functions for sorting photos and the ability to auto-configure Peakto for optimal performance based on the user’s computer. The Peakto user interface (UI) has also undergone significant enhancements, particularly regarding Smart Albums.

Smarts Albums

To facilitate the creation of Smart Albums, Peakto now offers pre-filled templates. Smart albums automatically populate with photos based on the criteria you define. Peakto offers over 14 different filters, each serving as a rule for creating albums. The templates assist you in choosing your criteria. You can create albums from the metadata of your photos (type of lenses, location), for example, to gather all wide-angle images taken on your last trip to a specific place. You can also create albums based on categories automatically assigned by AI, which you see in the Panorama view. This way, you can gather all your portraits or culinary photos in one album. It’s also possible to describe the photos you want to include in your album or define your criteria, for example, by mixing all the mentioned ones. Peakto thus offers an automatic and efficient solution for organizing your photos.
Peakto 1.10 Faster than ever

Join the Peakto Movement, Enhanced Photo Management

Peakto is primarily a software that, thanks to artificial intelligence, offers advanced features such as automatic categorization, cataloging of all your images, simplifying the management of vast photo libraries from various sources like Lightroom, Apple Photos, and Instagram. Integrated organization tools, such as annotation, and diverse display options facilitate album creation and quick access to photos. By centralizing all photo collections in one place, Peakto presents itself as a complete solution for professional and amateur photographers looking to optimize the management of their images.

We are excited to share with you, through this article, our enthusiasm for the launch of the new version of Peakto at the end of this year. This release indeed offers you the opportunity to start the new year with a more advanced photo management tool, equipped with enhanced features and an optimized user experience.

This release marks the culmination of several months dedicated to active listening and integrating your feedback. We are eager to accompany you into the upcoming new year with Peakto, providing you with ever more efficient tools and a constantly improved user experience.

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