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Optimizing Peakto: Faster Startup, DXO compatibility and more

At CYME, we’re all about embracing quality and continuously improving to make your experience unforgettable with Peakto. We’re committed to delivering an exceptional user experience, constantly striving to elevate performance to new heights. Our mission? To manage even the largest image catalogs with remarkable ease, as if they weighed no more than a feather.

In this great Peakto update (v1.7.3), we’ve worked tirelessly to amp up the startup time for your large photo catalogs. Say goodbye to waiting around and hello to rapid access! We’ve boosted the speed, ensuring you can dive into your precious memories and best shots without missing a beat.

Seamless Compatibility for Effortless Photo Management

Searching for that perfect shot? Our filters and search capabilities have been improved, providing speedy results that keep pace with your creative vision. Seamlessly navigate through the grid, now infused with greater fluidity, allowing you to explore your images effortlessly and find inspiration at every turn. We’ve heard your feedback and taken it to heart. That’s why we’ve focused on compatibility with industry-leading software like DXO PhotoLab and Luminar. Prepare for a seamless integration that empowers you to make the most of your workflow. High-resolution previews now find their rightful place in the Peakto catalog, ensuring a high-resolution display. With our improved scanning capabilities, DXO PhotoLab watched folders are always up to date, keeping your content in perfect harmony. Plus, for those who purchase Luminar Neo within the SetApp framework, we’ve got you covered with full support.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

It doesn’t stop there. We’ve meticulously addressed numerous other reported issues. From performance enhancements during catalog ingestion to rendering fixes, we’ve meticulously tackled many aspects. XMP sidecars are now parsed flawlessly and keywords are retrieved reliably. We’ve fine-tuned the user interface, disabling irrelevant menu items and ensuring a polished experience. With a keen eye for detail, we’ve resolved the rendering issue of Exif Tags in the grid and safeguarded your precious previews from unintentional quality loss.

So grab your camera, get ready to explore, and let Peakto take your photography game to the next level. With our latest update, you’ll enjoy a faster, more seamless journey, filled with incredible moments waiting to be captured. We’re here to make your visual adventure unforgettable. Let’s go!

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