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Focus on the objective of Apple Photos software

Photos is the software created by Apple to replace iPhoto and Aperture software. While Aperture was more aimed at professionals, these two software programs made it possible to edit photos directly on iPhone or Mac. Apple Photos is not a condensed version of its two predecessors, but a new photo management and processing software program.

What makes Apple Photos a comprehensive solution for processing, managing and storing photos? What are the features of this software? We invite you to discover the role of Apple Photos in photo editing, post-processing and storing photos on smartphones, tablets and computers.

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Apple Photos for easy photo editing and processing

Apple Photos’ primary role is to facilitate photo editing and processing. This first objective is fulfilled thanks to intuitive tools integrated into the free software.

Apple Photos: free photo editing software

Unlike some photo editing software, Apple Photos is free. It is present on mobile devices and on computers, which allows synchronization between the different devices. This means that a photo edited on iPhone will also appear edited on a Mac or iPad. Changes will also appear at all locations where the photo is located, such as in Album or Project. Synchronization is automatic via iCloud, but it can also be done manually.

By offering free software, Apple gives you the ability to easily edit all the photos in its gallery. Different levels of changes are available to suit each individual’s needs. This means that the user can make simple alterations or a few more complex modifications.

Role of Apple Photos 2

Photo tools to edit your images

Apple has developed several versions of Photos to regularly improve its photo editing software. The first version did not allow users to make as many edits as some other software. This is one of the reasons why it was not immediately successful. It was therefore necessary to wait for the release of the following versions, which included more tools. Specifically, these were two types of tools found in Apple Photos and available on Mac and iPhone.

Firstly, conventional tools make it possible to carry out rapid post-processing of the photos with, in particular:

  • the zoom slider;
  • the addition of filters;
  • improved brightness and exposure;
  • the cropping feature;
  • the ability to work on colors;
  • image rotation;
  • automatic improvement of the quality of a photo.


Second, Photos software integrates Curves adjustment and Levels adjustment. These two commands are useful for working precisely on the brightness and contrast of different areas of a photo. The image levels can be corrected automatically or manually.

The Annotate Photos option is used to customize photos. For example, using this tool, it is possible to add a signature, drawings or text to any image in the library.

Easily store, organize, and retrieve photos with Apple Photos

Apple Photos is not just a tool for editing photos. It is also a complete solution designed to improve the organization, sorting and storage of photos. The photos are divided into different categories within the library.

For example, the app offers a global view per day, per month, or per year. It then selects the prettiest images and presents them. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence improves the display of photos by removing duplicates and screenshots.

With iCloud Photos, photos and data are stored on iCloud and synced across devices, including:

  • Mac;
  • Apple TV;
  • iPhone;
  • iPod;
  • iPad.


This Cloud storage feature requires activation. Then, it allows you to access all the photos from any device. For example, a photo or video uploaded to a Mac from a drone will also appear on an iPhone or iPad after iCloud Photos is activated.

Since the advent of digital cameras and the spread of smartphones, the number of photos has changed considerably. A library no longer contains a few hundred photos and videos, but thousands. To make it easier to store and search images, Apple has integrated the Search feature into its photo editing software. From now on, with iOS 12, it is therefore possible to search for a photo from a large number of elements, such as:

  • persons photographed;
  • visual elements of the photo;
  • an event;
  • a place;
  • an object.

The automatic creation of Apple Photos Memories movies

Apple Photos hasn’t stopped at photo editing and image storage. On the contrary, Apple’s software revives the images and stages them in new movies: Memories movies. This feature was added when iOS 10 was released.

How does the Photos app make Memories movies?

Memories movies are made using artificial intelligence. From all the photos of the library, the software is able to locate the photos of the same place, the same person or the same event to gather them together in a movie. To make the videos more lively and realistic, Photos complements them with:

  • music;
  • a title;
  • transitions.

Customizing Apple Photos' Memories movies

Memories movie videos created by Apple Photos can be customized. This means that when the video is offered, the user can:

  • change the title;
  • add or delete images;
  • choose the duration of the video;
  • change the appearance.


Appearances consist of applying a filter to the entire video montage. There are many filters to offer a wide range of customization possibilities. Black and white film, warm contrast, cold fade, cold light or black film, several tests make it possible to choose the right filter. Each Memories movie is then available to be shared or saved.

Create your own Memories movie

While Memories movies are edited using artificial intelligence, users can also make their own movies. To do this, it is necessary to create an album bringing together a selection of images, such as:

  • photos of your most recent trip;
  • photos of the most beautiful flowers in the garden;
  • the images of your pet;
  • family photos from the last month;
  • pictures of baby’s first year.


Then simply click on Watch Memories Movie. As with other Memories movies, the user can make a backup, modify the various elements or share their creation.

Role of Apple Photos 3

Apple Photos and the highlighting of the most beautiful images

Over the years, the Photos app has evolved to offer new features and tools to users. The iOS 12 feature introduced a new tab in Photos: the For You tab. This section groups together existing features and adds new ones.

First, the For You tab starts by showing videos of the Memories movies that appeared in previous versions of iOS. Several films are therefore presented, with the photos being selected by the application.

Then the tab has a section called Recommended Photos. This is a selection of the most beautiful photos present in the users’ photo library. Under each image, Apple Photos adds the location and date. Apple Photos gives you the chance to relive your memories regularly.

Finally, sharing suggestions are intended to promote exchanges. Once again, Apple uses artificial intelligence to aggregate photos and data from the same contact or activity. The system proposes a targeted list of people to share the selection with, people related to the images.

To conclude, Apple Photos is a complete, free and native solution. The app brings together very useful services to make images come alive, save them and synchronize them via the Cloud. Apple Photos is a space where you can regularly rediscover memories and share them with loved ones.

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