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Avalanche compatible with iView MediaPro

October 12, 2021 – Montpellier, France. 

CYME announces the immediate availability of new versions of Avalanche supporting iView Media, iView MediaPro, Microsoft Expression Media and PhaseOne Media catalogs as an input source to migrate catalogs to Lightroom, Capture One, Luminar and soon Apple Photos while preserving folder structures and organization (metadata).
Avalanche compatible with iView MediaPro 02
iView MediaPro was, once upon a time, one of the leaders in its category–photos and video management–and was adopted by both amateur and professional photographers. Powerful import functions, total control over annotations (IPTC EXIF), multiple display modes, batch processing, powerful and intuitive search, and, finally, various exports were on the menu of features of this super cataloger. It was taken over by Microsoft, then sold to Phase One…then abandoned. Consequently, many existing iView MediaPro catalogs have remained frozen, never really migrated to avoid the risk of losing their structure or metadata in a poorly managed migration. “Since the first version of Avalanche, we have received multiple requests from our community to help them mirror their iView MediaPro catalog,” explains Claudia Zimmer, co-founder of CYME. “This request first came as a surprise, since iView MediaPro (like Apple’s Aperture) hasn’t been supported by their editors for a long time despite its extreme technical quality. “Our team has worked to preserve all of the distinctive annotations and organizational capabilities that made iView MediaPro so famous and effective. Transferring large iView MediaPro catalogs with complex organization including keywords, catalog sets, events, people, user-defined categories and metadata is now absolutely possible. “We are thrilled to make it possible for former iView MediaPro users to see their carefully archived photos in a new app, such as Luminar, Lightroom, or Capture One, running on the latest Apple hardware and software.” From version 1.5*, Avalanche adds the possibility of transferring the iView MediaPro Photos libraries to Adobe Lightroom, Luminar 4 or AI, and Capture One. *Or Version 1.2 for Avalanche for Capture One.

System Requirements​

Avalanche and Avalanche Unlimited require MacOS 10.14 or higher and are fully compatible with MacOS Big Sur. They run natively on the new Mac M1. Avalanche is compatible with Aperture catalogs starting with version 3.6, Lightroom catalogs starting with version 5 and Luminar catalogs starting with version 4.2.

Approximately 145 MB of free space are required, 4 GB of memory (8 GB recommended) and enough space to accommodate converted libraries.

A working version of iView MediaPro is not required to migrate the libraries, because Avalanche opens these libraries in native mode.

Pricing and Availability

The upgrade is free for existing users.

Avalanche for Luminar is priced at $59 USD and is available exclusively through the developer store. Avalanche Unlimited is $119 USD and is available through both the Apple Store and the developer store.

Review codes are available to qualified journalists upon request.

About CYME

CYME was founded in summer 2019 by Matthieu Kopp, Thomas Ribreau, and Claudia Zimmer. After working together on a previous adventure (Aquafadas aquired by Rakuten), the three co-founders decided to embark on yet another adventure to explore the creation of powerful software solutions for photographers.

They are passionate about photography, well-designed software and flawless user experiences. They like cool gear, have a vision for a better digital life …and ❤︎ the Mac.

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