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Avalanche with iView Media Pro

iView Media Pro Libraries Back to Life on Mac

Fast, Accurate and Secure with Avalanche 


Avalanche lets you convert your iView Media Pro photo catalogs

You can now easily turn your existing photo catalogs from iVewMedia Pro into Capture One, Luminar 4/AI, Apple Photos and Lightroom catalogs ready to be opened and edited.
Since the acquisition of iView MediaPro by Microsoft in 2006, and later by Phase One in 2010, many iView Media Pro users have given up on this software, which has not been maintained for many years. This is why many existing iView Media Pro catalogs have remained frozen, never really migrated to avoid the risk of losing their structure or metadata in a poorly managed migration. Avalanche is the migration software that provides an answer to this problem. CYME has taken into account the needs of the community of photographers to provide a solution that migrates existing iView Media, iView Media Pro, Microsoft Expression Media and PhaseOne Media catalogs to Lightroom, Capture One, Luminar and Apple Photos while preserving folder structures and organization (metadata) within the software.

Preserve your catalog architecture and much more

iView Media was renowned for its cataloging capabilities and rich metadata functions. Avalanche transfers all the organizational structures that were present in iView into their corresponding counterparts in the destination app: catalog sets become albums/collections, keyword-based collections are preserved via the full migration of keywords, etc…. When it comes to metadata, IPTC* and EXIF fields (including GPS info) of all images are all fully transferred into the destination catalog. Annotations, color labels, and star ratings are making the journey as well. Avalanche also offers the migration of more complex metadata unique to the software. iView MediaPro integrated the possibility to annotate Events, People and to create custom Catalog Fields, all of which are fully handled by Avalanche. To migrate these specific data, Avalanche will create keywords at several levels, as can be seen in the example below. *IPTC annotations are currently not supported by Skylum in Luminar.

Media support in Avalanche

Avalanche handles the following types of media when coming from iView MediaPro: RAW images, non-RAW images (JPEG, PNGs, Photoshop files…), PDFs, movie files. 

Media can be referenced in place or copied to a new location if necessary. You can export to Lightroom, Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Capture One and Apple Photos.

iView Media did support some basic adjustments to images that could be saved as new files. Those adjusted images will, of course, appear in the migrated library if the saved images were also part of the catalog.

System requirements

Avalanche requires macOS 10.14 or later and runs well on Catalina.

Avalanche is compatible with:

  • iView MediaPro v3
  • Microsoft Expression Media
  • Phase One MediaPro v2.x.


All versions of Avalanche (for Lightroom, Luminar, Apple Photos, CaptureOne, and Unlimited) support iView Media/MediaPro catalogs as an input.

You need around 145 MB of free space, 4GB of memory (8GB recommended) and enough space to accommodate the converted libraries.


✓ Easy to use interface: drag and drop catalogs, visual inspector, catalog browser…

✓ Fast. 

 ✓ Supported media: images, videos, PDFs.

 ✓ No need for an installed version of iView/MediaPro, as Avalanche opens the catalogs natively.

✓ Supports catalog with offline images (Avalanche will refer all images by path).

✓ Runs natively on macOS Mojave, Catalina and BigSur. Optimized for the Apple M1 chip.

Migrated features

 ✓ Catalog Sets

✓ EXIF file info (camera model and make, lens info, capture date, aperture, shutter speed, exposition mode, flash info…)

 ✓ All IPTC annotations (caption, creator info…)

 ✓ GPS Info

 ✓ Color labels, star ratings

 ✓ Keywords

 ✓ Events, people

✓ Full support for up to 16 user-defined categories. Custom entries are converted into hierarchical keywords in the destination catalog.

Non-supported catalog features

✓ Hierarchical keywords in MediaPro are not transferred. 

✓ Previews (if present in iView MediaPro) are not transferred.



Avalanche is available for Lightroom, Luminar, Capture One or Apple Photos and supporting exports from Google Photo, Aperture or even iView Media Pro.

Logo Avalanche for Lightroom

for Lightroom

Convert any Aperture, Capture One, Luminar, iView Media Pro, Apple Photos and Google Photos catalog.

To Lightroom.

Logo Avalanche for Capture One

for Capture One

Convert any Aperture, Lightroom, Luminar, iView Media Pro, Apple Photos and Google Photos catalog.

To Capture One.

Logo Avalanche for Luminar

for Luminar

Convert any Aperture, Capture One, Lightroom, iView MediaPro, Apple Photos and Google Photos catalog.

To Luminar.

Logo Avalanche for Apple Photos

for Apple Photo

Convert any Aperture, Capture One, Luminar, iView MediaPro, Apple Photos and Google Photos catalog.

To Apple Photo.

Logo Avalanche Unlimited

Avalanche Unlimited

From Aperture, Capture One, Luminar, Lightroom, iView Media Pro, Google Photos, Apple Photos.

To  Capture One, Luminar, Apple Photo & Lightroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Avalanche needs macOS 10.14 or newer, running on any kind of Mac bought around 2015 or later. 

Avalanche runs natively on Apple M1 macs and takes full advantage of the Apple chip for increased performances.

Yes. It never expires, and all features are available. Only the first 100 images and videos will be converted.

Yes, catalog sets are fully transfered as albums or collections (depending of the destination software).
Yes, keywords are fully transfered when the destination software supports them (Capture One, Lightroom).

Yes, Avalanche does support User Defined categories and migrates them as a group of hierarchical keywords in the destination catalog. This allows to preserve the category name and categories members.

Of course, all images that have an associated custom category have the corresponding keyword attached in the destination catalog.

No, Avalanche does not support hierarchical keywords that were introduced in the later versions of Media Pro. We are looking to add this feature later. Currently, keywords are exported as a flat list.

Avalanche preserves People and Events from iView using keywords, when the destination app supports them.

Avalanche does not transfer any specific geometrical adjustments from iView Media Pro. However, the adjustments tools in iView Media are usually used to directlty modify the image and save the modified image as a new file. In that case, Avalanche will transfer the modifications since the new image will be migrated appropriately.

Not in the foreseeable future.

We are sorry for our friends on Windows but porting Avalanche to Windows is currently out of scope.