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Peakto is now available with a 15-Day Free Trial Period

October 14, 2022 – Montpellier, France. 

CYME is proud to announce that Peakto, the game-changing macOS photo cataloger for amateur and professional photographers, is now available with a 15-day free trial period. Without creating new copies, Peakto searches through all of a photographer’s photos and automatically organizes them thanks to AI. Peakto is also now present on the Mac App Store. Now that more and more photos are taken with smartphones and edited in a wide variety of innovative editing software, amateur and professional photographers alike find themselves with images scattered in the cloud, on different hard drives, in various proprietary formats of their photo editing software…. Peakto allows them to view all their images in one place, without duplicating or changing photographers’ original organization. With its simple interface, Peakto lets photographers easily navigate through a preview of all their images. Compatible with a large number of editing apps, Peakto connects all the photo libraries from Apple Photos, Lightroom Classic, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One, Aperture, iView Media–and from folders and hard drives. Photographers don’t have to look for files anymore: Peakto’s powerful filters let them search through thousands of pictures on a beautiful interface that makes searching for photos an enjoyable experience. Once referenced, the photos can also be automatically classified by Peakto’s Artificial Intelligence. Peakto curates images per content, aesthetic score and color. Photographers don’t have to annotate their photos to find portraits, landscapes, food, wildlife…. Thanks to image recognition, Peakto automatically curates and reveals photos hidden in different editing applications and folders. By providing smart navigation, Peakto makes it easy for amateurs and professionals to create multi-source albums from their best images. Peakto exports the multi-source albums in low resolution for online sharing or in high resolution, ready for printing. It even identifies images with resolutions too low for printing. Peakto is a Mac application that can be tested for free for 15 days, without the need for a credit card.


  • Peakto monitors the changes made to photo catalogs and watched folders and will sync on demand with these changes to ensure that all data in Peakto (metadata and preview) is always up-to-date.

  • Peakto gives an ideal point of view to know which image to improve. A simple click on the photo opens it in the editing app the photographer used to edit it. Convenient and easy.

  • With digital, it becomes tricky to identify the master file from its modifications. Now, Peakto automatically gathers all versions of a shot across catalogs and exported files. A valuable insight to unveil the best photos or know which versions to discard.

  • Searching through thousands and thousands of photos can be done by EXIF, IPTC, Faces, Flags, Color tags, Keywords, Ratings, Camera model, Camera lens, Location, Software and Master file.

  • Peakto is not only compatible with the latest editing software, it also lets photographers view, navigate, and search through all the photo material stored in Aperture and iViewMedia, applications that are no longer supported. Peakto sees all the metadata that were attached to those images, including custom categories created in iView and Faces/Locations created in Aperture.

  • Peakto has been carefully handcrafted to look and work great on macOS. Through its design, speed and power, it will take advantage of all the benefits that Apple’s technology has to provide. Peakto makes you feel totally at home to ensure a comfortable start.

System Requirements​

Optimized for M1 (and soon for macOS Ventura and M2 chip), Peakto requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later and runs well on Apple M1 chips. More info…

Price and availability

Peakto is a software for macOS, available now by subscription or pay-per-use on and on the Mac App Store.

Peakto can be tested for free for 15 days (no credit card required on Peakto is available on a monthly plan at $9.99/month; a yearly plan at $99/year; or for a one-time purchase of $189.

About CYME

Peakto is the second avant-garde software created by CYME in response to the needs and wants of photographers worldwide. Founded by serial entrepreneurs Claudia Zimmer, Matthieu Kopp and Thomas Ribreau, CYME’s mission is to deploy innovative features that will both serve the photography community and help protect our planet.

In the coming months, CYME will enrich Peakto with solutions to save our best photos, in good quality and without duplication; to encourage digital sobriety by keeping only our best images; and to facilitate the sharing of our best images and memories.

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