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Proud of Avalanche

Avalanche is the best solution for photo conversion and catalogs between editing software. It is an already mature solution that continues to excite those who discover it today.

Among them: David Pogue, one of the most famous tech journalists (author, he has worked for CBS News Sunday Morning, New York Times, PBS, has been a TED speaker for five times and now records the Unsung Science podcast) who recommends Avalanche in a Facebook post.

His initial problem? Bringing all his photos together in Lightroom, including the 200,000 that were lodged in various bloated, slow Photos libraries, without losing his albums, keywords, cropping, face-recognition data…

Testimonial of David Pogue

Freedom for photographers

Thanks to Avalanche, David Pogue was able to convert his Apple Photos Libraries into Lightroom Classic catalogs.

“I realize that this tip applies to a pretty small set of people,” he adds, but in fact his post generates 272 comments and has received over 1.2k likes and 162 shares.

Being free to change photo editing software, to use the latest versions, and to have the ability to navigate through all one’s photos and dive into memories and creations with pleasure: these are the ambitions that drive us at CYME.

We want to create software that offers this freedom and pleasure to photographers.

David Pogue on Facebook

This was exactly our motivation when we imagined and created Avalanche and Peakto...

1. Avalanche, the freedom to transfer your photos without losing any edit

Avalanche allows you to convert catalogs from one software to another while preserving the modifications and annotations you have made to your photos. Avalanche’s AI converts data from one software to another to be as faithful as possible to the original catalogs. Instead of forgetting their photos in obsolete versions or software they no longer use, photographers can transfer their collections to the latest versions of Lightroom, Luminar, Capture One or Apple Photos. Or easily switch between them with Avalanche Unlimited.
Avalanche for photo conversion
Avalanche for photo conversion

2. Peakto, the solution to see all your photos in one place regardless of their origin

Peakto is the universal cataloger compatible with most photo editing solutions. It allows you to bring all your images together in one place, without even having to convert them. And it offers cataloging functions (annotation, album creation, centralized search, map view, automatic categorization thanks to AI) that editing applications do not have in their entirety. Peakto allows photographers to use multiple photo software while giving them the control tower from which to view all their images.

Peakto 1.7 DxO Workspaces
Peakto the universal cataloger

Stay tuned

Our ambition does not stop there. We are currently developing unique features to make the most of your photos and continue to add new compatibilities and essential cataloging tools.

Feel free to exchange with us and share your wishes on the desk or on the roadmap. Stay tuned by subscribing to the newsletter. This is only the beginning 😉

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