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Best tools to organize your photos

As we amass an ever-growing collection of digital pictures on our devices, maintaining a well-organized and easily accessible library can become a complex task. Yet, many of us are still bogged down by out-dated software or, worse, manual organization methods. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) simplifies the process by offering a variety of smart organization tools.

Photo management systems fueled by AI employ machine learning techniques to autonomously label, sort, and categorize pictures according to elements like content, date, geographical location, and more. These smart tools are increasingly becoming a necessity in today’s digital world, facilitating rapid retrieval and effortless sharing of specific photos.

It’s time to enter the new era of photo management, and to start relying on artificial intelligence. In this article we bring you 3 of the best AI-powered photo catalogers out there.

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One of the best AI-powered photo catalogers on the market is Peakto, a game-changer photo organizer that gathers all your photos in one app. In fact it’s a hub that centralizes all your images, no matter where they are stored, or saved. Peakto also helps you manage your photos from other editing softwares, giving you a complete view of all your images. Once installed, Peakto  offers the possibility to connect all your photo libraries using a simple drag and drop. Peakto can sync and regroup your catalogs from different platforms Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom & Lightroom Classic, Luminar Neo, Capture One, Pixelmator Pro, DxO PhotoLab/PureRAW, iView Media, Instagram, and all photo folders. Then you benefit from centralized and AI-enhanced search, automatic categorization of all your photos, multiple navigation modes to admire your pictures, and advanced tools to manage your images. All of this without creating a copy or altering your original organization. Here is a more in depth look into Peakto’s outstanding features.

AI automatic categorization

Peakto AI intuitively classifies your images based on their content. Peakto identifies elements within photos—be it breathtaking landscapes, candid moments, or urban scenes—and organizes them accordingly. With its innovative approach, Peakto ensures that you have a seamless and efficient experience when navigating through your cherished memories.

Conversational Search

Peakto is transforming the photo exploration experience with its innovative conversational search feature, backed by AI image analysis. This new feature allows you to locate your photos with unparalleled speed and precision. Notably, the Conversational Search operates locally, safeguarding your photo’s privacy. It supports searches in English or any other language. Moreover, Peakto offers you the possibility to link your searches with Person and Place tags. 

Best tools to organize your photos: Peakto, Mylio, Excire -02

Search by similarity

Peakto presents a robust Similarity-based Image Search feature, enabling you to identify similar images to the content of a chosen base image. This similarity is based on various aspects of the image: main subject, colors, background, lighting conditions, and so on. Initially, Peakto highlights images that are exact or near matches, followed by those bearing close resemblance.

Multiple Compatibility

Peakto is compatible with many photo editing softwares. With Peakto it’s possible to access all versions of your images from other editing softwares. Thanks to a unique workspace in the Peakto app, you can directly edit your photos between DxO PhotoLab, Lightroom, Capture One Pro, Aperture, Luminar AI/Neo, iView Media, Apple Photos, Finder folders and even Instagram.

Multiple display mode

In addition to consolidating photos into a single application, Peakto provides users with personalized image display options such as :  

  • Grid view: This view enables you to display or conceal different versions of your images. Where you can access various details for each photo: EXIF summaries, your annotations (color, tags, flag, notes, favorites), and even your Instagram likes!
  • Map view: With this view you can display your photos on a beautiful world map according to the places where they were taken. Offering you a new navigation experience.
  • Full-screen and dual-screen: You can enjoy your photos in full-screen, while managing your catalogs or selections on the second screen.. 
  • AI-powered organization view:  This view offers you the possibility to categorize and label photos automatically.

AI aesthetic analysis

Peakto’s AI introduces aesthetic categorizations to your photos. These stylistic classifications include Abstract, Aerial, Close Up, Night, Harmony and Colors, Compound, Complementary, Triad, Simple Split, and a diverse palette of colors. By analyzing your photos’ color harmony, contrast, and luminosity, Peakto ensures images are arranged and showcased according to their visual traits. This color evaluation tool enriches the organization of your photos, simplifying the process of finding images by their visual qualities.

Cross-up annotation

Peakto allows you to annotate thousands of images, all from the same interface that belongs to various photo editing software or different folders. Once connected to Peakto you can assign a rating, color, or caption to any image, regardless of its location.

Automatic modification history

Peakto retains the edits made to your photos even after they’ve been processed through various editing software. By enabling integration across diverse platforms, Peakto ensures that you can effortlessly locate all iterations of a shot, whether they’re in catalogs or exported files.

Smart Albums

Peakto takes photo organization to the next level. It offers the possibility to create smart albums, using dynamic photo collections based on a variety of criteria such as: EXIF metadata, AI generated scores… Making it easier to enjoy your photos.

Data privacy

Peakto takes the protection of your personal data very seriously, and treats your personal data as confidential and in accordance with its privacy policy. Ensuring that your photo remains both safe and private.

In conclusion, we could say that Peakto gathers all your photos in one friendly hub, making it super easy for you to access, organize, and enjoy your cherished memories and hidden gems.


Mylio Photos provides a solution for managing photos, enabling users to gather, categorize, view, search, and distribute their media content, encompassing photographs, videos, and documents.

The application prioritizes speed through cloud-free operation, safeguarding user privacy in the process. Given its large file capacity, rapid search capabilities, and smart categorization tools, the complimentary edition of Mylio Photos stands out as a valuable choice for photographers aiming to oversee their photo and video collections.

Here is a list of some of Mylio features:

  • Faces annotation
  • Smart tag
  • Device Integration
  • Map view
Best tools to organize your photos: Peakto, Mylio, Excire -03


Excire stands out as an AI photo organizer designed to streamline the organization of your digital photo collections. You can use Excire to find and organize your photos

Just like all the AI photo organizers out there, Excire uses advanced machine learning techniques to analyze your photos and automatically tag them based on their content, which makes it easier to find them later on. It doesn’t just stop at predefined search parameters; users have the flexibility to define their criteria tailored to specific needs.

A good feature of Excire is its flawless integration with Adobe Lightroom, allowing for a more efficient photo management experience within the application itself.

Here is a list of some of Excire features:

  • Rate and Flag Images
  • Photo search by similarity
  • Custom Keywords
  • Finding People and Faces
  • Editing Metadata
Best tools to organize your photos: Peakto, Mylio, Excire -04


Our comparative analysis has highlighted the strengths, limitations, and distinct capabilities of some of the best photo catalogers on the market. While some excel in integration with editing tools, others prioritize cloud storage or intuitive user interface.

Peakto is unique in the fact that it’s an all-in-one program to organize and manage your photos, no matter what photo editor you’re using. Peakto provides compatibility with nearly all editing software options. While you might need to experiment with a few programs to find all the tools you require.  If you’re looking for a great cataloger Peakto is the right fit for you. You can even try it for free for 15 days! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we’re sure you’ll have a great way to get control over your photo library.

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