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Selection of the Best Video Editing Software in 2024

Whether you’re a novice Youtuber starting to vlog, a content creator making some unique edits on TikTok or just a professional video maker working for a movie or video clip studio, we’re all searching for some of the Best Video Editing Software to perfect our videos and our editing skills. There’s a lot of interesting video editors currently on the market. Those video editing programs allow you to transform your video footage through rather basic or advanced editing features, from the primary cut or frame cropping to the more sophisticated 3D or 360° editing.

Personally, for a long time, I always found trouble knowing which one to choose exactly. So, quite naturally, I decided to test them and to provide you with a fresh list of the Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024. To perfectly know which Video Editing Software you should choose in 2024, you should ask yourself several questions : does this video editing software fit the best of my needs? What’s its main features? What’s its cost? What are its pros and cons? Well, don’t worry, I already answered those questions below. Therefore, according to my research, tests, experiences and discussions with other videomakers, you will find a fresh list of the Best Video Editing Software in 2024.

Try Peakto 2.0: The Perfect AI-Powered Tool to Manage All Your Rushes

Peakto 2.0 - Advanced technology for photo management

But first, if you always find trouble organizing and managing all your videos and rushes that you’re editing, I definitely recommend you the current best and class-leading advanced video organizer program : Peakto 2.0. Peakto smartly allows me to categorize, catalog, tag, and visualize all of my edits to have both a unique and centralized video environment and a powerful AI-assisted video manager deeply respectful of my personal data. If you want to save precious time and optimize the way you do visual content, I strongly recommend this amazing and automatic tool intelligently made by video makers for people like you and me, from eager beginners to working professionals!

Final Cut Pro: The Best Professional Video Editing Software for Apple Users

Final Cut Pro is an Apple Video Editing software that appears to be one of the most famous Video Editing Software worldwide. I believe Final Cut Pro to be the best video editing for mac.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024 - 02

Is Final Cut Pro the best for me according to my needs?

You probably know Final Cut Pro as its broader reputation was for a long time to be the Best Video Editing Software you could find. Honestly, I would say that Final Cut Pro lost a bit of its technical accuracy these last years, continuously trying to become more and more simple and easy to use. In 2024, I would generously assume that Final Cut Pro is adapted to a prosumer-level, fitting both for a non-professional than for a professional video maker. If you’re looking for the best video editing program for beginners, you can certainly use Final Cut Pro but keep in mind that the learning curve is more complex than other video editing softwares.

What are Final Cut Pro's best features?

Final Cut Pro offers undeniably almost all the essential features a video editing software must absolutely include. First of all, its complete but not clunky interface makes me feel like I’m in a very serious video workspace I feel comfortable in. I do believe it’s the best video editing display. The auto scrolling timeline during playback is to my mind a small detail but intelligent feature that allows me to have a large overview of my videos without being obliged to have my eyes stuck on the timeline to see my rushes’ edits. In addition to the improved object tracking feature that makes a clear difference, the motion tracking, the multicam editing, the keyword tag media or the unlimited number of video tracks are such various and valid reasons to choose Final Cut Pro as a video-editing software. I could mention without difficulty the motion and compressor tool that creates brilliant effects and extensive graphics, perfect to optimize your performance. One of the many particularities of Final Cut Pro that could perhaps be a gamechanger in your choice are the 360° editing and the great RAW files flexibility that just continue to make Final Cut Pro special.

How much does Final Cut Pro cost?

Final Cut Pro is a paid video editing software, costing US$299.99 on a one-time purchase, which makes Final Cut Pro frankly a bit expensive, depending on how you plan to use it and for how long.

Adobe Premiere Pro: The Favorite Video Editing Software of Professional Filmmakers

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the many Adobe software and is definitely the industry-leading video editor on the market for the last few years.

The Best Video Editing Software in 2024 - 09

Is Adobe Premiere Pro the best for me according to my needs?

Even if most of you probably know Premiere Pro, I genuinely think that it’s common sense to remember that Premiere Pro is the video editing software that professionals use the most. It is also probably the best video editing for YouTube. Even if you can easily find a consequent alternative, Premiere Pro will obviously be your choice if you’re seeking for any sophisticated editing tools such as color, audio or motion. If you’re used to Adobe’s programs but don’t especially need some advanced features, Adobe Premiere Rush might be convenient as this smartphone-based app allies both simplicity and video editing quality.

What are Adobe Premiere Pro's best features?

Adobe Premiere has a wide range of editing features, it would be difficult to just list all of them so I’ll try to give you an enlightening sample of its best and more distinguishable ones. Like many video editing programs, Adobe Premiere started to integrate AI-assisted features in its softwares and the result is quite expressive. In fact, AI-powered text-based editing or AI-based audio tagging effortlessly allows you to optimize your time and focus purely on your video edit. I also used the Enhance speech function that also uses AI to improve the quality of audio content with dialogues. You will find a lot of ‘auto’ functions such as the auto reframe for scene detection or cutting up clip reels, the auto-publish on social media tool or the automatic tone mapping. Otherwise, one really appreciated function is the closed captions tool that was released a few years ago. I find it really enjoyable as  captions are becoming more and more sophisticated with Premiere Pro. This is clearly an added value.

How much does Adobe Premiere Pro cost?

For this one, we’re clearly in a top-end model which subsequently involves a more costly price. Adobe Premiere Pro has solely one version but various ways to pay for it. You can either pay $34.49 per month and cancel anytime or have an annual subscription that will make you pay $22.99 monthly. Otherwise, you can also pay on a one-time purchase $263.88 for a year.

DaVinci Resolve: The Best Video Editing Software of 2024

Da Vinci Resolve is one of the class-leading video editing programs in 2024.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024 - 03

Is Da Vinci Resolve the best for me according to my needs?

Da Vinci Resolve will probably fit the best if you’re a near total beginner and you’re looking to improve your editing skills with a great learning curve before eventually moving up to more professional softwares such as Premiere Pro or FCP. That’s why Da Vinci Resolve is one of the best video editing programs for beginners.

What are Da Vinci Resolve's best features?

I believe Da Vinci Resolve to be one of the fast growing popular video editors from recent years. I genuinely often hear people talking about how they switched from Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to Da Vinci Resolve. Not only it contains all the basic and essential main features such as animations, transitions, color grading, video editing, motion and speed adjustment but it also includes some impressive 3D video editing, which undeniably is an added value in comparison with other softwares. Da Vinci also has this broad range of useful and underestimated features. I can easily think of the printer light hotkeys or all the AI-powered tools such as the auto AI face detection or the auto cut detection. Frankly, Da Vinci has nothing to be ashamed of towards Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, maybe except for the closed captions tool or the social sharing option which definitely lacks in this video-editing software.

How does Da Vinci Resolve cost?

Da Vinci Resolve has a free and a studio version. The studio version is a one-time purchase $295 : up to you to gauge if the lacking features are worth the studio version!

iMovie: The Best Free Video Editing Software from Apple

iMovie is a basic video editing program made by Apple. It is absolutely the best video editing app for iPad.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024 - 04

Is iMovie the best for me according to my needs?

If you want to take the first steps in the video editing world, well, iMovie will certainly fit your needs. I recommend you to quickly get a video-editing software that includes more sophisticated features or you will probably feel frustrated very soon if you want to make bigger and more audacious video projects.

What are iMovie's best features?

I genuinely believe iMovie’s strength to be a very simple and intuitive video and audio editing program for beginners. Of course you won’t find sophisticated features but if you’re just looking for some basic editing, iMovie’s display and functionalities are one of the best. You can efficiently organize your media, grade the color or your rushes, change the speed and edit audio. You can smartly enhance the video color settings, crop and rotate video clips, stabilize shaky videos or pay a deep attention to your videos’ transitions. Beyond that, you will surely be limited, as iMovie allows you 2 video tracks maximum and unfortunately doesn’t include 3D or multicam editing.

How much does iMovie cost?

iMovie is entirely free and doesn’t have Pro or upgrade versions. It is at least worth a try!

Sony Vegas Pro: A Reliable Reference in Video Editing Software

Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing program that cannot be got round when it comes to the Best Video Editing Softwares. Despite its longevity, it’s still a reliable option in 2024.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024 - 05

Is Sony Vegas Pro the best for me according to my needs?

Let’s say that Sony Vegas Pro is a good introduction, a nice way to learn and to improve your editing skills. If most professionals generally don’t use Vegas Pro, I’m sure it will perfectly fit for small and medium Internet content creators as Vegas Pro enables me to do a low and medium complexity edit much faster than other video and audio editing softwares.

What are Sony Vegas Pro's best features?​

Unlike Premiere Pro, you won’t benefit from the other Adobe Suite’s softwares to enhance your editing. When I see that Premiere and Vegas have similar prices, it can make a difference in your choice. That being said, Sony Vegas Pro has a lot of interesting features combined in an all-in-one approach. Of course Vegas includes motion tracking, video stabilization, dynamic storyboard or several plugins, but it also has particular functionalities such as 360° editing, HDR support or a deeply extensive file backup option that I truly enjoy. Apart from its lacks in 3D video editings, closed captions or surprisingly in speed adjustment, Sony Vegas Pro is a genuinely reliable option that has for merit to be one of the oldest video editors on the market.

How much does Sony Vegas Pro cost?

Sony Vegas Pro has 3 types of versions : Vegas Pro Edit, Vegas Pro Suite 365 and Vegas Pro Post. Vegas Pro Edit, the basic version, costs $199 and grants you access to the perpetual license. You can also choose to pay $95.88 per year if you subscribe annually or $19.99 per month if you subscribe monthly. The first upgrade level is Vegas Pro Suite 365 which includes integrated tools for content creators. You will have to spend $249 for the perpetual license, $119.88 per year or $24.99 per month to obtain it. Finally, Vegas Pro Post is only acquirable on a one-time purchase perpetual license, for $299.

Wondershare Filmora 13: The Simple and Intuitive Video Editing Software

Wondershare Filmora 13 is a simple and intuitive video editing program, very valuable in 2024.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024 - 07

Is Wondershare Filmora 13 the best for me according to my needs?

Wondershare Filmora 13 clearly aims at targeting hobbyist video makers who are looking for some simple features and an intuitive and pleasing interface, offering one of the best video editing displays. That’s why I believe Filmora to be gracefully beginner-friendly, which in that case is an absolute good point.

What are Wondershare Filmora 13's best features?

In addition to the key video editing and management features, Wondershare Filmora shares a broad variety of common features with other video editors like the essential preview functionality, the text editing, labeling or filtering. Filmora makes an evident difference when it comes to special effects, with an advanced motion tracking feature that is worth writing about here. Indeed, I think that a cutting-edge motion tracking feature probably makes Filmora look like a professional software on this very particular aspect. Before getting on the negative side, I would like to mention the social media integration that is definitely a cool integration for influencers or just visual content creators. Now, I must tell you that some generative AI features are honestly disappointing. For this review, I tested the AI copilot and text-based editing, the auto masking, translation and music generator and I got to say that those AI-assisted features are not the most appreciated by the video makers’ community.

How much Wondershare Filmora cost?

Filmora is part of several softwares that have both a free and paid version. If you’re willing to commit on a paid version, Filmora has three different prices, you can either pay $29.99 per quarter if you choose the cross-platform quarterly plan, $49.99 per year for the annual plan or $79.99 for the one-time payment perpetual plan, only made for the Windows operating system.

CapCut: The Best Free Video Editing Software Available on Mobile

CapCut is a powerful mobile-focused editing video and image tool which is awesome when it comes to creating content on social media. I would not mind characterizing it as the best video editing for TikTok and Instagram.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024 - 06

Is CapCut the best for me according to my needs?

As mentioned, CapCut is not a video editing software per se but more an application. I decided to include CapCut in this review because I found it really impressive and most of today’s video makers need a dedicated application to create  and edit social media content, especially video content. In this regard, there is no doubt that CapCut is highly level-adaptive, meaning that it suits all skill levels.

What are CapCut's best features?

CapCut offers you all the main and shared features of the majority of video editing softwares : I’m talking about cutting, speed adjustments, exciting reversals, profound music integration, funny stickers, text and a lot more. CapCut has a wide range of extensive templates, an intuitive display that perfectly matches with the mobile format, innovative text solutions, a functional chroma keying, filters and transitions. To be upfront, it almost looks like this video editor was designed for social media content, which allows me to make TikToks, Instagram’s Reels or YouTube’s Shorts much faster than with other video editing programs. I especially like how you can detach the audio-voice or music remover and their AI-powered auto framing features. As expected for a mobile-based app, it only works in portrait orientation, which is an evident flaw for a lot of video makers, all the more so if you’re a professional one.

How much does CapCut cost?

CapCut combines both a free and paid version. The paid version, CapCut Pro, offers you the ability to have a 7-day free trial before moving on to $7.99 per month or $9.99 for a one-off month. If you prefer to subscribe on an annual plan, then CapCut costs $74.99 per year.

Lightworks: The Flexible Video Editor for Professional Filmmakers

Lightworks is a flexible video editor that offers a certain number of pleasant features, it is available on Windows, Mac and Linux, which is worth writing down.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2024 - 08

Is Lightworks the best for me according to my needs?

Lightworks can be basically counted in the casual video editors category. I can hassle-free recommend it for freelance business because Lightworks intelligently works in particular for short advertisement videos. Its quite intuitive interface, layout and design will probably seduce you if you’re looking for ergonomy and simplicity over technicity.

What are Lightworks’ best features?

Lightworks’ highlighting features are probably to be found in its HD resolution support. If Lightworks includes the classic video-editing characteristics that I already conveyed several times in this review, I would like to mention to you what is absolutely an added-value for us, video makers. For this video-editing software, it would undeniably be the ability to dial down LUTs or the excellent EDL & AAF export. You can use some of their presets such as the audio mixing, making your video editing easier. I heard that the video creators’ community brilliantly enjoyed the fact that you can import and export data. Though, it’s important that you note down that there’s 3 different versions (one free, one ‘Create’ and one ‘Pro’ with very different features). With the free version, you’ll be able to use the simple color tools, average VFX or proxies, and you’ll have the chance to export in 720p for instance. With the ‘Create’ version, you’ll enjoy some important motion graphics, quick LUTs or the ability to export in 4K. Finally, the ‘Pro’ version offers you total VFX skills, advanced metadata or significant enhanced effects.

How much does Lightworks cost?

For this one, you can either be content with the free version or upgrade to the ‘Create’ or ‘Pro’ versions. The ‘Create’ version will cost you 9,75€ (approximately, $10.50) per month, 97,49€ ($105) per year or 134€ ($144) per user for the perpetual license. For the Pro version, the prices are logically higher, so you will have to spend 18.99€ ($20.50) for a monthly subscription, 191,25€ ($205.50) for an annual subscription or 299,99€ ($322.40) per user for the whole perpetual license.

Avid Media Composer: The Video Software Specialized in Film Production

Avid Media Composer is a video-editing software specialized in the TV or movie production.

The Best Video Editing Software in 2024 - 10

Is Avid Media Composer the best for me according to my needs?

Avid Media Composer is surely a very good option in the video editing industry standard’s category. This video editor will certainly take you some time to improve your level as its in-depth learning curve is quite huge but once you’ll master it, I won’t doubt that you’ll have more editing skills than a lot of people.

What are Avid Media Composer’s best features?

Avid Media Composer obviously has all the main editing features that you and I need but I’d specifically like to mention a few functions that I believe to be unique and entertaining. Therefore, I particularly enjoyed the custom workspace settings that basically allows you to configure various keyboards on editing functions like VFX. I truly saved time with this function as my keyboards were all logical and connected to precise editing moves. Another time-gainer function is the email one. The email function enables me to align my mail with Avid Media Composer in order to warn me when certain tasks are complete such as export without being obliged to be permanently in front of your screen. Finally, I’d pick the devilishly useful pre load clips function that will facilitate your editing testing and save precious time.

How much does Avid Media Composer cost?

Avid Media Composer has a free version, known to be as Avid Media Composer First, but its features are truly limited in comparison to its paid options. I probably think we could say that the free version is merely here as a training software before moving on to the paid version. For the paid version, you have three different ways of subscription. You can either subscribe monthly ($39.99 per month), annually ($259.99 per year) or annually but paid monthly ($25.99 per month for a total of $311.88 per year).

So, What is the Best Video Editing Software in 2024?

In the end, which best video editing program should you choose in 2024? I believe I gave you a few leads in this review that will enable you to normally help you to make your choices. Considering wisely all of their pros and cons, the softwares I put up in this list are all reliable and are definitely good options. Trust me, you can easily test a few of them and make your choice afterwards. The Best Video Editing Software in 2024 is not an objective editor for everyone, please make sure you measure all the facets I conveyed here : your level and your needs, their best and most distinguishable features and their prices.

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