Photography and Innovation

CYME is dedicated to building amazing tools for digital photographers around the world.

We’ve sent people to the moon (multiple times), can make a rocket send a satellite to orbit and land back safely on a pad the size of your backyard floating on the ocean, and yet, it seems more and more difficult to be in control of our digital images. 
Many of us have their photos scattered in digital silos: cataloging apps, hard drives, cloud services, smartphones, social networks etc… with new silos appearing over time, making things harder rather than solving them.

Our mission is to rethink the way we access our images, all of them, and make sure they travel safely through time, regardless of the editing tools we are used to, regardless of the cameras or smart devices we use to capture our digital images. 

With CYME, you’ll be on top of your images!

Coming soon…

We are currently busy designing and building the tools, the AI, the experience and seamless integration with the leading apps on the market (Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom, DXO, Luminar, ….). We anticipate to introduce a first software product for photographers by the next quarter and unveil our photo aggregation platform to the world in 2019.

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Fun, good Food, Curiosity, Friendship and Tech are the ingredients that are nurturing the CYME team.

We are a group of experienced developers, architects and leaders with a vision for a better digital life.
We are passionate about photography,
We also like cool gear
…and we ❤︎ the Mac.


Matthieu Kopp, Claudia Zimmer and Thomas Ribreau, the co-founders have worked together on their previous adventure (Aquafadas Rakuten) and decided to explore together  the wilderness of software solutions for photographers.

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