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Keywords and Photos: Let Peakto and Its AI Simplify Your Life

Are you tired of spending ages organizing your photo collection? Fret no more, because Peakto AI Keywording is here to save the day!

In the realm of digital photography, the sheer volume of images we capture and store has skyrocketed. As our photo libraries expand, so does the challenge of managing and organizing them effectively. Thankfully, Peakto automates the tedious task of adding keywords, making it a breeze to find your favorite snaps in a flash, offering a great solution to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

Peakto 1.12 - Automatic Keyword assignment

Here's what the new version of Peakto brings:

1. Cross-catalog photo keywording

Peakto lets you add keywords to photos that are stored in multiple folders and catalogs.

2. Automatic Keyword Assignment

No more manual tagging! Peakto’s AI recognizes what’s in your photos and suggests the perfect keywords, saving you heaps of time and effort.

3. Batch Annotation

Want to label a bunch of photos at once? With Peakto, you can annotate multiple images simultaneously, even if they’re stored in different places. Talk about a time-saver!

4. Keyword Harmony

Keep your labeling consistent across all your photos by copying and pasting keywords with ease. Say goodbye to messy catalogs!

5. Custom Tags

Got specific terms you want to use? No problem! Peakto lets you add your own keywords, so your photo labels are tailored just for you.

6. Preserves Existing Keywords

Don’t worry about having to redo the work. Peakto retrieves the information from your original catalog, so you can reclaim the work you’ve already done.

Automatic Keywording assignment with Peakto 1.12 - Screenshot
© Anthony Mazza

About Peakto

Peakto for macOS is a meta-cataloger compatible with leading photo editing software, including Apple Photos, Lightroom Classic, Luminar Neo, Capture One, Pixelmator Pro, DXO PhotoLab, DXO PureRAW, ON1 Photo RAW, Aperture, and iView Media. In addition to cross-application organization tools, Peakto offers powerful centralized search capabilities, such as Conversational Search – a simple description is all you need to find an image. With Peakto, managing and exploring extensive collections of digital photos has never been easier. Peakto can be tested for free for 15 days

Peakto serves as a central hub for all the photos. By consolidating all the images into a single interface, Peakto provides a unique perspective on memories and best shots, and simplifies the management of thousands of scattered images. From centralized search and deletion to cross-catalog annotation and the dynamic creation of multi-source albums, Peakto offers unique universal photo management features.

But Peakto goes beyond being just a hub; it’s an intelligent assistant. With its advanced AI capabilities, Peakto automates keyword and category assignments and can retrieve any photo based on a simple description. This makes Peakto a valuable time-saving tool for photography enthusiasts seeking efficient photo organization.


After making Peakto the hub for viewing, sorting, and deleting all photos, CYME reinforces Peakto’s central role with mass keyword assignment across multiple catalogs or folders simultaneously, aided by AI. So, whether you’re a pro photographer, a social media influencer, or just someone who loves snapping pics, Peakto is your new best friend. Say goodbye to photo chaos and hello to effortless organization with Peakto AI Keywording!

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We have a deep passion for photography, meticulously designed software, and seamless user experiences. We're also enthusiasts of cutting-edge gear... and we absolutely ❤︎ the Mac.
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