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Fine Art Photographer Fares Micue for Lens Stories

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of photography by exploring the work of Fares Micue and her incredible colorful photos. Prepare to be inspired and discover dreams and thoughts photographed through Fares’ lens in this captivating episode of “Lens Stories”.

What is Lens Stories?

Photography is an art form that captures the world through the lens, and each photograph tells a unique story. Behind every stunning image, there’s a passionate and skilled photographer with a story of their own. “Lens Stories” seeks to reveal these captivating narratives while shedding light on the techniques, philosophies, and tips that have guided these artists on their photographic journeys.

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How did you maintain your passion for cinema through photography?

I have always loved art, specially cinema and writing and my original dream was to be and actress because I loved the idea of sharing different stories by becoming different characters each time, but in 2009 I starting to become interested in photography and discovered that my dream did not disappear but it took a different form and I still have the chance to fulfill my dream of sharing different stories by becoming different characters.

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How to convey emotions in photography? Fares Micue's perspective

I always approach each one of my photographs with the same idea in mind, to share a beautiful and inspiring story within a single frame.

If I had to define my photography, I would say colorful nostalgia… I love to give colors to the emotions and use them to paint across the image to wake up the feelings of the viewer.

Do you like Fares's story?

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Four key principles for telling stories through photography by Fares Micue

Follow your photographer's instinct

Sometimes it is hard to let go of other people’s opinions, or we unconsciously try to imitate previous popular works, but do not allow these voices to stop you from experimenting with new things.

Create images with your heart

This follows the line of number 1, do not try to fit your creation process into a certain schedule, sometimes we feel more inspired and sometimes we need a rest from the active creating process. Many times we just need to step out of the “studio” to activate the spark again.

Never neglect or minimize your feelings

They are the engine of your life because they dictate every single one of your actions.

Share your emotions through your photos

Whether it is through an artwork, a journal, or with someone you trust, liberating your emotions will open up more space to keep collecting beautiful memories.
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What is the image that represents you?

It’s hard to choose but it would be “follow your essence” cause for me, this image shares a message that can resonate basically with everyone as we are all trying to discover who we are and what our call in this world is.

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Best tips for starting photography by Fares Micue

Look at numerous works of art

Analyse them and find out what makes you like them, what is that that attracts you form that artwork, things like the light, the color, the subject, and the composition to introduce these elements in your work instead of trying to recreate that artwork.

Start practicing photography

By practicing with different subjects ( Portraits, landscapes, animals) you will be able to find the one that fits your vision better.

Deepen your photography tools

Study your camera, get to know how it works, and experience different settings so you can find your go-to default setting, the ones that create your signature style.

Master your Photoshop tools

Remember that you don’t need to know how every single tool of Photoshop (or any other editing program you use) works, you just need to master the ones you need to create your images.
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Show your support for the photographer Fares Micue

Let’s rally behind photographers and their incredible work! In particular, I invite you to explore and follow the remarkable journey of photographer Fares Micue on her Instagram page. Your support means the world to these talented individuals who bring captivating stories to life through their lens.

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