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Peakto 1.7 DXO compatible Get 20% discount with the code "DXO20"
Peakto with DxO PhotoLab and PureRAW
Peakto for macOS

New Cataloging Solution for DxO PhotoLab and PureRAW

PhotoLab and PureRAW are just a click away when browsing photo collections consolidated across all the apps you’re using. You can access all edits performed in PhotoLab and all conversions done in PureRAW through dedicated workspaces.
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Gather and display all your photos beautifully

Are you tired of tediously browsing through your DxO PhotoLab folders? Peakto is the perfect cataloging solution for you. With its highly visual views and centralized search, finding your images and exploring your collections has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Different Perspectives

Enjoy detailed, grid, or map views of your photos. Easily search through your content using keywords, location, and metadata.
Different perspectives in Peakto

Wide Compatibility

Import your DXO documents, Apple Photos library, catalogs from other editing apps, images from files, and even connect your Instagram accounts.
Compatibility of Peakto

Your DxO versions
smartly sorted for you

Enjoy image exploration powered by artificial intelligence. Your landscape, portrait, wildlife or food photos are automatically categorized. No need to tag your photos. Let the AI do it for you.
DxO photos smartly sorted in Peakto
Categories in Panorama


Your photos are regrouped under 14 categories.

Styles in Panorama


Abstract, aerial, close-up, and night photos are categorized together.

Harmony in Panorama


Your images are analyzed for color harmony.
Colors in Panorama


Your images are grouped according to their main colors.
People in Panorama


Large or small groups, duos, or individuals are sorted by the AI.

Light in Panorama


Bright, undersaturated, low contrast and more are sorted by the AI.

Explore your own way

Discover Peakto’s photo viewing options.

Get sorted, without sorting
A familiar yet turbo-charge grid
Your shot and its different versions
Your shots by location

Quick access to DXO
PhotoLab & PureRAW

Easily create new DXO PhotoLab versions from any image and switch seamlessly between PhotoLab, Lightroom, Capture One Pro, and even Apple Photos using a dedicated workspace within Peakto.

Peakto - A bridge between your favorite photo apps

Peakto turns PhotoLab into a powerful editing plugin for all your images. It doesn’t matter if your images are organized in Capture One, Apple Photos, Luminar, or Lightroom, Peakto creates a bridge for these apps to communicate.
DxO PureRAW conversions with Peakto

A unique editing workflow made possible

If you’ve switched from Lightroom to DXO PhotoLab, Peakto can help fill the gap by providing cataloging features and visual access to your former Lightroom catalogs. You can edit any photo in DXO PhotoLab directly from Peakto.
Edit in DxO PhotoLab

Peakto can trigger DXO PureRAW conversions

from any RAW file and preserve the link with the original file. You can then edit your new RAW file in your favorite editing software or even in Apple Photos.

Peakto can trigger DXO PureRAW conversions

Cross-App Annotations

Tag and annotate your images. Organize your DXO PhotoLab and PureRAW pictures into albums and smart albums, even if the images are in different locations.

Create smart albums from multiple sources

Automatically create smart albums based on complex criteria. Compile photos from various editing software, including DXO, and export in high or low resolution.
Create high resolution albums with Peakto

Read what they say

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to write to us

Dream come true ! Visualize and find easily your images wherever they are, catalogs, files, external supports, it is now possible with Peakto. It's impressive and indispensable. Beware, Peakto is addictive! What's more, it's user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful.
Testimonial of JF Barré for CYME
J-F Barré
Bayonne, France
I’ve purchased an annual subscription and am delighted! I have added some old Aperture catalogs and I use the faces I had defined in there to find the photos and then Peakto shows me the same ones in Capture One (which of course does not do facial recognition) so I haven’t lost my old face definitions! Fantastic! Thanks so much!!!
Martin Eliott
Vancouver, Canada
Finally! Your entire digital catalog in one place with Peakto... It's nothing short of amazing.
Testimonial of Derrick Story
Derrick Story
Santa Rosa, USA
Peakto is different. Finally an application that allows me to manage all of my 350,000 photos in one place. Previously spread across years of multiple Aperture and Lightroom libraries, now consolidated in one single app. The dev team actively responds with request and questions, often surprising me with better solutions than I was looking for.
Paul Clark
Chapel City, USA
Peakto is an incredible product. It far exceeds the features of other image catalogues that I’ve used, and I’ve used plenty over the years. I particularly like Peakto’s approach of not trying to do everything, not moving my image files, and allowing me to edit the masters in the programs of my choosing.
Christopher Werby
San Francisco, USA
Congrats and especially Thanks for this first initiative that will (finally!) streamline access to the various digital asset management solutions that photographers have "endured" for the past 20 years...
Testimonial of Richard Courcet for CYME
Richard Courcet
Nantes, France

It is only the beginning of
an amazing journey

Peakto will soon be enriched with new features. You will benefit from annotation and tagging for your images. AI will soon offer face recognition.

Fine tuned for macOS

Through its design, speed and power, it will take advantage of all the benefits that Apple’s technology has to provide. Peakto makes you feel totally at home to ensure a comfortable start.
Support for macOS Ventura and Apple's M2 chips

Peakto takes care of
our photos and our planet

Digital technology produces 3.5% of the world’s greenhouse gasses. At CYME we are constantly thinking about ways to combine photography and ecology. By helping us becoming aware of your environmental footprint and encouraging us to do more with less, you are making the world a better place–and one where beautiful scenes and wildlife to photograph will still be accessible for years to come!

Frequently asked questions

Peakto is a game-changing photo organizer that gathers all your photos in one app. Peakto is like the hub that centralizes all your images, no matter what hard drive they are stored on, the cloud they are saved on or the editing software they have been modified in. Peakto is like a control tower that gives you an always up-to-date and complete view of all your images.

Peakto is a Mac application that you install on your computer. You can connect all your photo libraries to Peakto using a simple drag and drop. Peakto will give you a preview (not a copy!) of each image and let you navigate smartly among them (thanks to filters) without modifying your original files or your organization.

Peakto can regroup your catalogs from Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom Classic, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One, Pixelmator Pro, Duo PhotoLab, DxO PureRAW, iView Media–and from your Instagram accounts, folders and hard drive.

You can try Peakto for free for a limited period of time. Peakto is available through either monthly or annual subscription, or through a one-time purchase.

You can download Peakto for free and have a 15-day trial period.

After this trial period, you can subscribe to Peakto on a monthly or annual basis or purchase a single license.

You can activate your Peakto single-user license on up to 2 computers.

Optimized for M2, Peakto requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later and runs well on Apple M2 chips.

Peakto is compatible with:

  • Aperture catalogs from version 3.6
  • Lightroom Classic catalogs from version 5
  • Luminar catalogs from version 4.2
  • Luminar AI catalogs from version 1.0
  • Capture One catalogs from version 20
  • Apple Photos catalogs from version 6 (Big Sur)
  • iView Media Pro catalogs from version 3
  • Pixelmator Pro from version 3
  • DXO PhotoLab 4 & PureRAW 2
  • Instagram accounts


Peakto requires 2GB of free space, 4GB of memory (8GB recommended) and enough space to accommodate the Peakto library and database files. Peakto files can be located on external drives. A fast (SSD) drive for Peakto files is recommended.

A working copy of the supported apps (Apple Aperture, Lightroom, Capture One, iView Media Pro…) is not required when using Peakto, as Peakto opens those libraries natively.

No, but you can use Avalanche to convert your catalogs.

We are here to answer your questions. To get support, take a look at the FAQ, send us a ticket, or join the community