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Best insurances for Photographers

For professional and amateur photographers


Professional insurances intended for photographers are essential for photographers who need to be able to provide services without having to worry about their equipment. Indeed, protecting your equipment reassures you and allows you, should a problem arise, to find a replacement solution quickly. In order to practice your photography with complete peace of mind, we present you with a selection of dedicated insurance options for your equipment such as your camera, your tripod, your lenses…
Every photographer is unique, which is why you deserve insurance that can be tailored to your photography business’ needs. We’re here to help make sure you have the right types of insurance so you can keep doing what you love.
We’ve got your back, even when it’s up against the wall. PPA is your best line of defense for your photography business, reputation and clients. We work with an exclusive insurance partner to offer customized plan options designed around the needs of photographers.
From a chainsaw to a camera, if you use it on the job, there’s a chance that it could get damaged. And while general liability insurance protects damage to your clients’ property, Business Equipment Protection is coverage for your own stuff. And if that sounds important to your business, it is! Let’s break it down.
Photography insurance protects your gear and business. Get camera equipment insurance and general liability insurance in as few as 10 minutes with our online quote-to-buy application. Your camera equipment is an investment in yourself and the business you’ve worked so hard to build. The cost of lenses, lighting equipment, and other gear can quickly add up to thousands of dollars and you need the proper protections in place. Whether the next job takes you to an outdoor wedding or the inside of a snazzy studio, it’s essential to choose a camera equipment insurance policy that fits your lifestyle.
As a professional photographer, you provide a service to your clients. As your clients may turn against you, for example in case of non-conformity of your services, it is essential to protect your activity. The Photographer’s Liability insurance protects your company and particularly its financial health, its image and its reputation. It covers you in case of damage caused to others and allows you to benefit from a legal protection guarantee.

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