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“The program always stays up to date and will show the latest version of each image regardless of where changes to it are made

“Finally! Your entire digital catalog in one place with Peakto… It’s nothing short of amazing

“I was very impressed with Peakto and will add it to my toolbox of photography apps.

“Peakto unearths, gathers and classifies all your photos in ONE app”

“Peakto even managed to import a massive multi-year 400GB photo library”

“I can stick to my Luddite storage while using Peakto to intelligently sort through my photographs.”

“Best app for a more in depth and innovative approach to photo culling”

“With an old MacBook running Aperture and modern software like Peakto, I successfully restored all my images.”


“Avalanche for Mac photographers: A Swiss Army Knife for Migrating Your Catalog

Avalanche will import the original images but also all the edits, versions, albums and organizational tags”

“With Avalanche, it really simple. You don’t even have to specify the source, it will find it for you.”

“Avalanche is a new universal photo library import tool that preserves all edits”

“Avalanche will migrate all the complex effects applied in Luminar4 to reproduce the same results in LuminarAI

“Avalanche does a good job so far. It’s good for converting color images in your Lightroom catalogue”


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