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Aerial Photographer Victor Esteves for Lens Stories

Dive into the exciting world of photography by exploring the work of Victor Esteves and his incredible aerial photos. Get ready to be inspired and travel to breathtaking places as you discover the world through Victor’s lens in this captivating episode of “Lens Stories”.

What is Lens Stories?

Photography is an art form that captures the world through the lens, and each photograph tells a unique story. Behind every stunning image, there’s a passionate and skilled photographer with a story of their own. “Lens Stories” seeks to reveal these captivating narratives while shedding light on the techniques, philosophies, and tips that have guided these artists on their photographic journeys.

Lens Stories with Victor Esteves

Passion for photography... How did it start for you?

Since a young age, like many others, I have always loved capturing family moments and exploring travel destinations. When I acquired my first DSLR, I had very little knowledge about photography basics. Keeping that in mind, I began participating in various photography contests. Typically, the starting point was a given theme, and from there, I had to generate ideas for the photos. Those were challenging times because I had to plan meticulously, clarifying my intentions for each theme, and I learned a lot from those experiences. Those days served as the catalyst for my passion for photography, and I continue to learn more every day about different techniques and creative approaches—this is why I persist in this pursuit.

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How to transition from landscape photography to aerial photography? The story of Victor Esteves

My approach to photography has evolved over time. Initially rooted in “normal” photography, I transitioned to aerial photography after gaining basic knowledge and desiring new ways to capture the world around me. Given that landscape photography has been my primary genre, this shift felt like a natural evolution and further fueled my passion for photography.

As for defining my photographic style, I strive to highlight the main subject in a scene, leveraging the surroundings to achieve this goal. Similar to many photographers, I often capture places during sunrise or sunset, capitalizing on the lighting conditions to play with shadows and light. This approach allows me to create more balanced and visually engaging scenes, immersing the viewer in the beauty of the moment.

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Four valuable lessons for photographers from Victor Esteves' experience

Learning photography on your own

Discovering that anyone can enhance their photography skills through self-teaching, thanks to the vast and freely available educational content. The key lies in embracing the wealth of resources accessible to all.

YouTube as a learning platform for photographers

Realizing that starting from scratch in photography is best achieved through YouTube. Regularly challenging oneself to explore new genres, even those initially unappealing, proves instrumental in expanding one’s skill set and creative vision.

Enjoy the present moment through photography

Learning to be more present in the current moment through photography, encouraging a slower pace in life. This lesson underscores the ability of photography to prompt mindfulness and appreciation for the beauty present in everyday situations.

Cultural exploration through photography

Recognizing that photography serves as a gateway to profound insights into the countries and cultures visited. This approach deepens the understanding of diverse backgrounds, creating a richer and more meaningful travel experience.

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The best time to capture Mont Saint Michel

If I had to select just one photo from my portfolio to showcase to the world, it would undoubtedly be the aerial view of Mont Saint-Michel during the early morning. This particular shot captures the ethereal beauty of the iconic citadel emerging from the mist that blankets the entire surrounding area. It epitomizes my photographic style, where I aim to highlight the main subject – in this case, the majestic Mont Saint-Michel – by skillfully incorporating the natural elements that surround it.

This image, taken during the soft light of dawn, perfectly embodies my preference for capturing scenes during sunrise or sunset, utilizing the interplay of shadows and light to create a harmonious and visually captivating composition. It’s a snapshot that not only reflects my approach to photography but also invites viewers to immerse themselves in the timeless allure of this enchanting moment.

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Getting started in photography: Victor Esteves' 4 tips

Build your online presence early

I would advise my novice self to start creating my photography page early on. Building a personal brand takes time, and having an online platform is essential. Whether showcasing work or connecting with the photography community, the effort invested in the early stages pays off in the long run. Outsourcing is an option, but understanding the basics is invaluable.

Embrace circular polarised filters for aerial shots

Recognizing the power of circular polarized filters for drone photography would be a crucial piece of advice. These filters enhance the quality of aerial photos and videos, making them more compelling and visually stunning. Investing in this equipment early on would significantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of my drone captures.

Prioritize lightness for mountain hikes

Learning to pack lighter for long hikes in the mountains would spare my spine and legs from unnecessary strain. Carrying only the essentials not only lightens the physical load but also allows for greater flexibility and agility. This advice emphasizes the importance of thoughtful preparation for outdoor photography expeditions.

Collaborate to develop a network of photographers

Encouraging my beginner self to engage in more collaborations with fellow artists would be instrumental in expanding my network. Collaborations not only provide diverse perspectives and creative input but also open doors to a myriad of opportunities. Building a collaborative community early in one’s photography journey can lead to exponential growth and a richer creative experience.
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