Algorithmic, Machine / Deep Learning Developer

Developer in charge of algorithmic, mathematical toolbox and Machine / Deep Learning tools for the PEAKTO platform

The missions

  • Work on the image analysis components of PEAKTO
    Develop and maintain the various image processing algorithms, colorimetric analysis, …
  • Make the technical choices on numerical methods, their combination with DeepLearning and Machine Learning methods to obtain the level of quality, prediction and performance on the different indicators
  • Make the technical and architectural choices on the different ComputerVision algorithms required in PEAKTO
  • Plan and manage the construction of data sets to train the models
  • Develop prototypes, tests and package APIs or models for CYME developers.
  • Technological monitoring and keeping up to date thanks in particular to regular bibliographic research.
  • Animate collaborations with research labs



  • previous experience in the development of algorithms or numerical methods. Good knowledge of object programming. Knowledge of Swift would be an asset.
  • familiar with the concepts of MachineLearnin, Deep Learning, data analysis.
  • previous experience in Machine Learning and / or DeepLearning. Good knowledge of the concepts used in neural networks. Knowledge of TensorFlow / Keras would be appreciated.
  • knowledge of ComputerVision and image processing,
  • interested in creating APIs and models for solving complex problems and making predictions that can be used simply.
  • interested in collaborating with public or private actors in these fields.
    high code quality, code aesthetics and a concern for permanent documentation.


  • Team player
  • in search of challenges
  • In search of performance to produce eco-friendly solutions
  • Endurance.


  • Rigorous yet creative, curious and autonomous.
  • Interested in the adventure of a startup
  • Problem-solver. In constant search of solutions to the problem of the moment or to come


Montpellier area, France

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