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For photographers and image lovers on Mac.
Navigating through all your photos collection has never been as easy, visually stunning, and surprising as with Peakto.

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Testimonial of Derrick Story

“Finally! Your entire digital catalog in one place with Peakto… It’s nothing short of amazing.”   Derrick Story Photojournalist for 20 years

Your photos magically curated

Instant access to all your photos in one place

Centralized search with very accurate filters

Rely on AI to automatically sorts your photos

Enjoy a unique navigation experience with Peakto

Share and print your favorites

Create & export albums for print and sharing

Open your photos in their original editing app in one click

Keep access to your photo even on offline drive or old app like Aperture

All photographers love it

For organized photographers

Today your photos are well organized files in folders and applications.

Take it to the next level by viewing all your photos from anywhere in a dedicated interface.

  • Explore images, not “files”
  • Find your hidden treasures
  • Easily create multi-source albums.


Keep your organization. Peakto reproduces the structure of your collections and manages your photos through a delightful interface.

For the messy maestro

No time to annotate and sort your photos?


Thanks to Peakto, you can:

  • Automatically classify your photos
  • Easily find the image you are looking for
  • Navigate smoothly through previews


Without creating copies, Peakto allows you to create albums from different sources and sort your photos thanks to AI.

Peakto is highly compatible

... with so many features!

Automatic sorting

AI automatically classifies your pictures by their content.

Powerful search

12 filters available to search through all your images (Camera model, Camera lens, Location…).

Without duplication

Navigate through previews, not duplicated files.

Low resolution warning

Peakto recognizes images that are too low-res for printing.

Multi-source albums

Create albums with photos from different hard drives, cloud and photo editing apps.

Modification history

Find all versions of a shot across catalogs and exported files.

Peakto is always in sync

Always in sync

Peakto monitors the changes made to your catalogs.

Fine tune for macOS

Peakto has been carefully handcrafted to look and work great on macOS.

Aperture & iView Media

Navigate and search through all the photo material stored in Aperture and iView Media.

Free to edit in any photo app

Ready for editing

Just click on your photo to open it in the software you used to edit it.

Shortcuts in Peakto

Useful shortcuts

Use familiar keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish many tasks in Peakto.

Smart albums

Construct dynamic photo collections based on a variety of criteria that update constantly.

Multiple view

Display your photos by grid, detailed view or thanks to AI curation.

Mirrored organization in Peakto

Mirrored organization

Peakto mirrors all your original organization and structure (collections, folders, annotations).

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Cyme photography software solution

Admire your best shots in a delightful way

Synchronize Peakto with your photo collections, rediscover your photos and create albums for print and sharing for free during your 15-day trial.

The game-changing photo software

Total Freedom

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Best Value

Yearly per seat
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One time per seat

Depending on your country, local VAT might be added during payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything about Peakto on our website.

Peakto is a game-changing photo organizer that gathers all your photos in one app. Peakto is like the hub that centralizes all your images, no matter what hard drive they are stored on, the cloud they are saved on or the editing software they have been modified in. Peakto is like a control tower that gives you an always up-to-date and complete view of all your images.

Peakto is a Mac application that you install on your computer. You can connect all your photo libraries to Peakto using a simple drag and drop. Peakto will give you a preview (not a copy!) of each image and let you navigate smartly among them (thanks to filters) without modifying your original files or your organization.

Peakto can regroup your catalogs from Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom Classic, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One, iView Media–and from your folders and hard drive.

You can try Peakto for free for a limited period of time. Peakto is available through either monthly or annual subscription, or through a one-time purchase.

You can download Peakto for free and have a 15 day trial period.

After this trial period, you can subscribe to Peakto on a monthly or annual basis or purchase a single license.

Currently Peakto gives you access to the structure of your catalogs, but these albums/folders/projects are read-only. You cannot edit them. We are thinking about ways to make this possible in future releases.
Currently Peakto gives you access to the structure of your catalogs, but these albums/folders/projects are read-only. You cannot edit them. We are thinking about ways to make this possible in future releases.
You can activate your Peakto single-user license on up to 2 computers.

Optimized for M1 (and soon for macOS Ventura and M2 chip), Peakto requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later and runs well on Apple M1 chips.

Peakto is compatible with:

  • Aperture catalogs from version 3.6
  • Lightroom Classic catalogs from version 5
  • Luminar catalogs from version 4.2
  • Luminar AI catalogs from version 1.0
  • Capture One catalogs from version 20
  • Apple Photos catalogs from version 6 (Big Sur)
  • iView Media Pro catalogs from version 3


Peakto requires 2GB of free space, 4GB of memory (8GB recommended) and enough space to accommodate the Peakto library and database files. Peakto files can be located on external drives. A fast (SSD) drive for Peakto files is recommended.

A working copy of the supported apps (Apple Aperture, Lightroom, Capture One, iView Media Pro…) is not required when using Peakto, as Peakto opens those libraries natively.

No, but you can use Avalanche to convert your catalogs.

We are here to answer your questions. To get support, take a look at the FAQ, send us a ticket, or join the community

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