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Avalanche Unlimited 1.3.9

Avalanche Unlimited

  • When migrating to C1, the image colors could appear dull (when the installed version of C1 was 14.1 or above).
  • in some situations, when migrating to C1 (mostly when using RAW + JPEGs) the metadata of some image could be wrong.
  • in some situations, when migrating to C1, the curves could be inacurate causing some weird color effects.
  • when migrating from Aperture, images that had a disabled WhiteBalance panel would have their migrated temperature set to 5500 rather than the AsShot temperature.
  • some missing German and Japanese localization in the C1 settings screen.
  • migration to C1 could fail when the app was run in Japanese or German.
  • some LuminarAI catalogs would not be properly processed (missing masters after migration).
  • when migrating to C1, the lens profile can now be changed after migration.
  • when migrating to C1, changing the lens distortion now has the proper effect.
  • keywords for videos are now properly migrated in C1.
  • many smaller problems.

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