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Avalanche Unlimited 1.3.1

Avalanche Unlimited

  • A clear dialog is now displayed when folders with masters in them are missing on online volumes. Choice is given to continue or cancel the conversion. In previous versions, the masters would be skipped without a good reporting on the error.
  • added support for Luminar and Luminar AI as a source.
  • Luminar previews are now supported and can be exported.
  • exporting Luminar previews is now disabled when migrating to Luminar AI.
  • the little arrow next to the catalog name allows to easily navigate to the catalog in the Finder.
  • improved error reporting in the logs, especially for missing files on disk.
  • the EXIF capture date could be wrong in some situations. Timezone information is properly taken into account.
  • the EXIF aperture value was wrong in the LR metadata/search field.
  • a number of user interfaces glitches and localization improvements.

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