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Avalanche for Luminar 1.3.3

All the details about the latest Avalanche update

Avalanche for Luminar

This version of Avalanche is an important update adding several new features and fixing a number of issues and user interface problems. It is recommended to all our users.

More details can be found in the release notes inside the application.

New in this version

  • fixed a problem when accessing the master folders list in Apple Aperture.
  • the spinning beachball could appear when launching a conversion from Aperture, making the whole interface unresponsive for a long time in the case of large catalogs. The underlying validity check that was causing this has been replaced with a super fast check.
  • the destination path is now unchanged between consecutive migration. Previously it was updated every time causing successive migration to be wrongly located.
  • DNG White Balance is properly computed for some specific formats (DNGs lossy compression) that were not properly handled.
  • a number of user interfaces glitches and localization improvements.

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