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Avalanche for Capture One 1.4.1

All the details about the latest Avalanche update

Avalanche for Capture One

New in this version

This version of Avalanche update introduces important improvements and increased compatibility with Capture One v23. It is recommended to all our users.

More details can be found in the release notes inside the application.

New/corrected in this release

  • [NEW] : vastly improved conversion of adjustments when migrating from Adobe Lightroom.
  • [NEW] : updated for Apple Ventura (macOS 13).
  • [NEW] : added support for Apple Photos library in Ventura.
  • [NEW] : full support for C1 v23 catalog format at export time.
  • [NEW] : support for collections of variants (introduced in C1 v23).
  • [NEW] : added support HSL Mixing in C1 (when migrating from LR).
  • [NEW] : added support Color correction in C1 (when migrating from LR).
  • [NEW] : added support for Clarity conversion in C1.
  • [NEW] : added support for Dehaze conversion in C1.
  • [NEW] : detection of versions using Lightroom presets (when migrating from LR). All variants based on a Preset are tagged in C1 using keywords. A new Smart album is automatically created for versions based on presets
  • [NEW] : when migrating from LR, keywords are used to tag the preset names to make it easier to find versions based on a specific LR preset.
  • [NEW] : when migrating previews, the variants for which a preview was generated or for which a preview was expected but is missing are now tagged with specific keywords. New Smart albums are created in C1 to easily identify those variants.
  • [NEW] : when migrating from Lightroom, presets can be converted into C1 styles. The styles do not need to be applied as their effect is already included in the migrated adjustments, but they can be accessed for reference.
  • [FIXED] : fixed a very rare crash when opening some corrupted Aperture libraries.
  • [FIXED] : fixed the reading of keywords in Capture One.
  • [FIXED] : many smaller problems.

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