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Latest update Avalanche Unlimited 1.0

All the details about the latest Avalanche Unlimited update

Avalanche Unlimited 1.0

Released: 20 May 2020

New features

  • This is the initial release of Avalanche Unlimited.

Known limitations

The following features are not yet implemented or not yet fully functional : – MacOS 10.14 Mojave is required – Aperture’s dedicated Skin Tones and NaturalGray white balance settings are not yet handled – the following Aperture effects are not yet supported: Sepia Toning, Monochrome effects, Levels,… – the following adjustments are not converted at all (default values apply) : Noise Reduction, Sharpening

What to expect in the next updates ?

  • improvements to the Machine Learning data to improve migration of all adjustments.
  • support for Vignetting, Sharpening, etc…
  • support for Apple Photos as a source.
  • support for CaptureOne as a destination.

Please contact us via our feedback form inside the app if you have specific requirements.

Thank You!

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