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Avalanche for Lightroom (1.3.2), Luminar (1.2.2), Unlimited (1.2.2)

All the details about the latest Avalanche update

Avalanche for Lightroom 1.3.2
Avalanche for Luminar 1.3.2
Avalanche Unlimited 1.3.2

New in this version

This Avalanche update fixes some issues and adds some new features. It is recommended to all our users.

  • [FIXED]: Several crash situations reported by our users
  • [FIXED]: Timeline display issues in the situation of dates spanning several decades
  • [FIXED]: a number of User interfaces glitches.
  • [IMPROVED]: added a better crash reporting system.

Changes in v1.2.1

  • [NEW] : added German 🇩🇪 localization.
  • [NEW] : added Japanese 🇯🇵 localization.
  • [NEW] : added the export of previews for Files and Folders export.
  • [IMPROVED] : fixed several conditions when the number of reported processed masters/versions were wrong.
  • [IMPROVED] : improved localization .
  • [FIXED] : Better management of corrupted input Aperture catalogs :
    • Add new logs to the conversion log file to indicate the number of corrupted masters.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when a date linked to a specific master was undefined.
  • [FIXED] : fixed several crash situations occurring when the projects contained special characters.
  • [FIXED] : fixed several crash situations related to the timeline and corrupted dates.
  • [FIXED] : several minor bugs and UI glitches.

Changes in v1.2

  • [NEW] : added the ability to customize the preview image names on disk by choosing a suffix and previewing how it will look like.
  • [NEW] : added the ability to apply the naming suffix to the version (copy) names.
  • [NEW] : add a clear warning when the source catalog is linked with an iCloud photostream as Avalanche does not support migrating those images.
  • [NEW] : new QuickStart in french.
  • [IMPROVED] : improved date timezone encoding when exporting.
  • [IMPROVED] : improved support for the MagicMouse and Magic Trackpad. In previous versions, some horizontal scroll could lead to unexpected UI behaviour.
  • [IMPROVED] : the criteria for exporting previews has been clarified. You can now choose between ‘lossy and approximate’ or ‘lossy’
  • [IMPROVED] : an alert is displayed when you choose to export all previews, warning you about the size and time requirements
  • [IMPROVED] : the display of RAW+JPEG pairs when counting masters.
  • [IMPROVED] : window size and position is remembered between launches.
  • [IMPROVED] : the timeline display is now restricted to a more reasonable time period [1900, 2100].
  • [IMPROVED] : the previews have now the same IPTC and EXIF properties as the picture they represent.
  • [FIXED] : resolved some situations were an image could be missed in the migration.
  • [FIXED] : some image metadata is better exported to Lightroom making the catalog more consistent 
  • [FIXED] : some dates were incorrect in the timeline
  • [FIXED] : the timeline was not displaying periods containing only 1 image.
  • [FIXED] : improved some localization and wording.

Changes in v1.1.1

  • This Avalanche update fixes some issues and adds some new features. It is recommended to all our users.

    • [NEW] : added support for reading Lightroom Catalogs from version 5 (previously, only v8 and onward was supported)
    • [NEW] : added support for Luminar 4.3
    • [IMPROVED] : better error reporting when some files to migrate are offline
    • [FIXED] : a possible crash situation when exporting masters with multiple versions to Luminar
    • [FIXED] : a typo in the Preferences screen

Changes in v1.1

  • [NEW] : add the option to migrate previews of the edited files if available. Various new options let you control exactly under which circumstances these previews are migrated, and what is the minimum quality of previews that should be considered
  • [NEW] : added a new option to add referenced folders in Luminar.
  • [NEW] : filter out PDF files that could exist in Aperture.
  • [IMPROVED] : added more security when dealing with corrupt EXIF values in Aperture
  • [FIXED] : some detected faces could have a 0 pixel rectangle in some circumstances
  • [FIXED] : fixed a bad catalog formatting when choosing to merge the image and video hierarchies. As a result of this bug, some exported catalog could fail to be merged in a master catalog because of an error.
  • [FIXED] : improved how we deal with images that had their capture date modified in Aperture.

Changes in v1.0.1

  • [NEW] : a new icon has been added to identify catalogs synchronized in the cloud and a dedicated alert is shown before migration to prompt a verification for the local availability of all images.
  • [NEW] : it is now possible to run a conversion to Luminar even if some volumes are offline. The number of offline masters is displayed next to each offline volume to allow the user to make a decision (cancel or proceed). Masters on offline volumes are ignored.
  • [IMPROVED] : Lightroom catalog that are synchonized with mobile or with Lightroom CC (Cloud) are now fully taken into account. In previous releases, all images that were synchronized from the cloud would be ignored.
  • [FIXED] : some complex Lightroom adjustments could fail to be decoded properly.
  • [FIXED] : the GPS latitude was not properly inserted in Lightroom.
  • [FIXED] : fixed a serious problem where some images or video would be migrated but would fail to appear in the target library.
  • [FIXED] : fixed a memory consumption problem when migrating from Lightroom, that would cause the memory consumed by Avalanche to grow beyond reasonable levels.
  • [FIXED] : it is now possible to cancel a migration from Lightroom.
  • [IMPROVED] : migration performance is much better in some situations.
  • [IMPROVED] : error reporting and display has been improved in the final screen and in the CSV file.
  • [FIXED] : many UI fixes, small performance and usability bug fixes.

Knows Issues

  • If a source catalog contains assets coming from an iCloud PhotoStream synchronization, these assets will be ignored. A future version will let you control the handiling of those images.

Knows Limitations

The following features are not yet implemented or not yet fully functional : – MacOS 10.14 Mojave is required – Aperture’s dedicated Skin Tones and NaturalGray white balance settings are not yet handled – the following Aperture effects are not yet supported: Sepia Toning, Monochrome effects, Levels,… – the following adjustments are not converted at all (default values apply) : Noise Reduction, Sharpening

What to expect in the next updates ?

  • Improvements to the Machine Learning data to improve migration of all adjustments.
  • Support for Vignetting, Sharpening, etc…
  • Support for Apple Photos as a source.

What is Avalanche and its different versions?

Avalanche is a software that CYME offers in different versions. Avalanche is a migration and catalogue export software, it will allow you to move your photos from one software to another

Thanks to Avalanche for Lightroom, you can import your photo catalogues from aperture to lightroom, from luminar 4 to lightroom, from Capture One to Lightroom

It is the same for the other versions such as Avalanche for Luminar which proposes to you to migrate from Luminar 4 to Luminar AI in supplement

Please contact us via our feedback form inside the app if you have specific requirements.

Thank You!

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