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Avalanche for Lightroom (1.3.1), for Luminar (1.2.1), Unlimited (1.2.1)

All the details about the latest Avalanche update

Avalanche for Lightroom 1.3.1
Avalanche for Luminar 1.3.1
Avalanche Unlimited 1.3.1

Released: 23 September 2020

New in this version

This is an Avalanche update with a major new feature: the ability to migrate previews of your edited files.

  • [NEW] : added German 🇩🇪 localization.
  • [NEW] : added Japanese 🇯🇵 localization.
  • [NEW] : added the export of previews for Files and Folders export.
  • [IMPROVED] : fixed several conditions when the number of reported processed masters/versions were wrong.
  • [IMPROVED] : improved localization .
  • [FIXED] : Better management of corrupted input Aperture catalogs :
    • Add new logs to the conversion log file to indicate the number of corrupted masters.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when a date linked to a specific master was undefined.
  • [FIXED] : fixed several crash situations occurring when the projects contained special characters.
  • [FIXED] : fixed several crash situations related to the timeline and corrupted dates.
  • [FIXED] : several minor bugs and UI glitches.

Know issues

Known limitations

The following features are not yet implemented or not yet fully functional : – MacOS 10.14 Mojave is required – Aperture’s dedicated Skin Tones and NaturalGray white balance settings are not yet handled – the following Aperture effects are not yet supported: Sepia Toning, Monochrome effects, Levels,… – the following adjustments are not converted at all (default values apply) : Noise Reduction, Sharpening

What to expect in the next updates ?

We expect to deliver the following features in the coming releases : – support for MacOS High Sierra (10.13) – almost finished – tentative support for Sepia toning, etc… – better conversion of adjustments such as sharpening, noise reduction, etc…. – add Apple Photos as a source.

Please contact us via our feedback form inside the app if you have specific requirements.

Thank You!

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