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Application Developer (Swift)

Contribute to the development and to the architecture of the PEAKTO application on MacOS / iPadOS and iOS. Co-design and develop the PEAKTO user experience on the 3 launch platforms.

The missions

  • design the PEAKTO application and develop certain modules (visualization, navigation, search, backup, sharing, etc.).
  • create completely new user interfaces and experience for navigating large amounts of images
  • work in concert with the Backend team and the AI / ML team to specify, design and operate the services that the application needs,
  • contribute to the technological choices which make it possible to develop an application simultaneously on 3 platforms,
  • take advantage of all the resources, APIs and technologies of MacOS, iPadOS, iOS platforms to offer a level of functionality, integration, interface of the highest order.


Developmeng skills:

  • a successful experience in the development of a complex and ergonomic mobile / desktop application.
  • very good knowledge of Swift or ObjectiveC. A good knowledge of Metal, SwiftUI, Combine, RxSwift would be a plus.
  • special care in structuring the code. Previous experience in creating APIs would be a plus.
  • interested in creating an innovative user interface and passionate about the user experience and design.
  • interested in image processing, A taste for photography and the concepts associated with photography would be a plus (Raw processing, colorimetry, metadata, etc.). Knowledge of digital photo management / processing tools, too.
  • high code quality, code aesthetics and a concern for permanent documentation.
  • an approach to development through testing.


  • Team player
  • in search of challenges
  • In search of performance to produce eco-friendly solutions
  • Endurance.


  • Rigorous yet creative, curious and autonomous.
  • Interested in the adventure of a startup
  • Problem-solver. In constant search of solutions to the problem of the moment or to come


Montpellier area, France. Fully remote work is possible with regular scheduled meetings in Montpellier.

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